Lord of Wolves and Dead Man's Tale will be nerfed in Destiny 2 Season 18

The Lord of Wolves and another powerful Exotic in Destiny 2 are set to receive a massive nerf in Season 18 (Image via Bungie)
The Lord of Wolves and another powerful Exotic in Destiny 2 are set to receive a massive nerf in Season 18 (Image via Bungie)

The Destiny 2 community encounters some ridiculous meta in PvP every season. Players can find the oldest weapons in the game and utilize them to the fullest against other Guardians in the Crucible. Lord of Wolves is one such weapon, and it was once heavily nerfed due to the havoc it caused.

In the recent TWAB (This Week at Bungie), Destiny 2 devs announced yet another nerf to the Exotic Shotgun, alongside another powerful Exotic, the Dead Man's Tale Scout Rifle. Both of these weapons have been dominating every mode in PvP, forcing Bungie to take steps with a future hotfix.

Bungie also recently announced that they will be changing the numbers up with their hotfix releases, as the first patch of the next season will be 6.2.0.

Lord of Wolves and Dead Man's Tale to get nerfs to damage, perks, and ammo capacity next season in Destiny 2 PvP (2022)

As mentioned before, both Dead Man's Tale and Lord of Wolves have been dominating players across all PvP game modes. However, their reigns are coming to an end with the next hotfix, as Bungie announced a massive nerf to both their damage, perks, and ammo capacity.

IMPORTANT NOTE The Destiny 2 patch numbers will be changing for all patches going forward. Season 18 will be released with Update 6.2.0 on August 23, 2022. More info:…

For the Lord of Wolves, the changes and nerfs that will be deployed in Season 18 are as follows:

  • Starting ammo will be reduced in PvP from 15 to 10. This will be unchanged in PvE.
  • Reduction in burst size from 10 to 5 shots when the Exotic perk gets activated. Here, the term "burst size" means shots fired per trigger pull.
  • Reduction of burst delay by 60% while the Exotic perk gets activated.
  • Reduction in base damage of the weapon by 20%. The weapon will deal 35 per shot to the body in PvP and 44 while having the perk activated.
  • To compensate, Bungie will also be increasing the PvE damage of the weapon by 20%.

The changes for the Dead Man's Tale are as follows:

  • The Cranial Spike Exotic perk won't grant increased damage to the user. Instead, each stack will grant increased Reload Speed, Accuracy, and Range.
  • Upon reaching the maximum stacks of Cranial Spike, players will gain an increased hip-fire RPM by 50. Hence, the total RPM in hip-fire will be 180.


Dead Man's Tale had the ability to two-shot any opposing Guardians with stacks of Cranial Spikes. Having max stacks of the perk paired with buffs like Radiant and Empowering Rift could one-shot anyone with precision.

While the damage bonus will be removed from Destiny 2 PvP, the nerf will not affect the weapon in PvE.

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