Multiple Destiny 2 Exotic weapons will be getting anti-Champion perks in Season 18

Champion enemies on Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)
Champion enemies on Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)

In today's TWAB (This Week at Bungie), the Destiny 2 developers talked about tweaking some under-utilized weapon types, standard and bugged perks, as well as adding anti-Champion perks to various weapons. While players will still get Champion mods for their Legendary weapons, multiple Exotics will have a role to play against Champions.

After Destiny 2 Season 17's mid-season update, players are trying to adapt to the changes. This includes buffs for the Precision Framed Hand Cannons. Also, updates over the months have offered changes affecting the different archetypes of weapons. However, after deploying one of the biggest hotfixes since The Witch Queen's launch, Bungie is preparing another one for next season.

Le Monarque, Thunderlord, and multiple other Destiny 2 Exotic weapons to get intrinsic perks next season (2022)

Players will be able to create their builds based on Exotic weapons from the next Destiny 2 season. There are some items currently in the game which grant an intrinsic anti-Champion perk. Weapons such as Eriana's Vow for Anti Barrier or Divinity for Overload are some examples of Exotics with intrinsic perks.

Several exotics will receive anti-champion perks in Season 18. #Destiny2

The following are all the weapons and their future Champion intrinsic perks, which will be implemented in Season 18:

  • Le Monarque: Poison Arrows will have Overload rounds
  • Thunderlord Machine Gun: Overload rounds
  • Malfeasance Hand Cannon: Unstoppable - Active with five stacks and offers an extra 25 to the base AE (Airborne Effectiveness) to match other Precision Hand Cannon intrinsic.
  • Wish Ender Bow: Anti Barrier arrows - These offer an increased number of hits from two to three and increased damage against Champions, mini-bosses, and majors by 10%.

With the aforementioned additions to Exotic gears, players will get more freedom in terms of Exotic weapons, as their choices before were very limited. While certain weapon types are always synergized with Artifact mods, having intrinsic perks adds to the role of a specific weapon inside Destiny 2 Nightfall.

this picture is so FIRE Via TWAB

Hence, players can always choose Thunderlord for stunning an Overload Champion and damaging it over time instead of spending an armor slot on a different mod. This will allow players more freedom to run all three Champion mods without putting in much effort.


Here's how each weapon will work with their respective Destiny 2 Champion perks:

  • Le Monarque's charge time will load up an Overload shot. Stacking up poison damage will also stun a Champion with the third tick of poison damage. This will keep Champion stunned for a longer period, giving players enough time to finish.
  • Thunderlord's Overload will be useful with Arc 3.0, as the weapon type got a buff in Season 17. However, it is unclear whether each thunder strike will stun Champions or not.
  • Malfeasance's Unstoppable will proc after the five slugs.
  • Wish Ender's increased damage against Champions, hit-reg fix, and the draw-time reduction will make it useful against Barrier Champions.

More details on Destiny 2 Season 18 and Lightfall will be revealed with a live showcase on August 23.

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