Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) celebrates India's 75th Independence Day with new music video

Call of Duty Mobile Event (Image via Activision)
Call of Duty Mobile Event (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) has been known to celebrate various important dates on the international and regional calendar with various in-game events.

After the latest Holi themed event for the Indian player base, the title is now celebrating India's 75th year of Independence with brand new and exciting events that will stretch from August 15 to August 30.

Call of Duty Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale title that has been developed by the Timi Studio group and is published by Activision on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Currently, it is one of the best mobile games in the genre that the Indian player base can get their hands on.

Call of Duty Mobile celebrates India's 75th Independence Day by illustrating its multi-talented community

To celebrate India's 75th Independence Day, the Call of Duty Mobile community of the country has banded together to demonstrate its multi-tiered rich cultural diversity.

The gaming company will host exciting creative expressions and activities, including an original music soundtrack, a flash mob, and various other community events.

Brand new music track video and flash mob

Hard hai nishana, aur hard hai ye gaana. RUN chote RUN! 🔥Dropping the official #CODMIndia rap single #RUN for all the hard gamers out there! Happy 75th Independence Day 🇮🇳 from your CODM fam.Kya bolte bhai log?

India's Independence Day celebration of the CODM community will be headed by a brand new soundtrack called Run!. The rap song has been produced by professional DJ MadPlug in association with Mutation eSports, a gaming and esports organization and a prominent member of the local CODM Community.

Fans of CODM will definitely enjoy the various references to the local in-game lingo in Run!, which has been developed and delivered by the local rapper Nasty Ninja. The rapper is a household name in India and is part of a multi-award winning rap crew from Mumbai called Mumbai Finest.

Along with the music video, CODM has also collaborated with a dance troupe called Hip Hop City Kolkata to forge a dance routine for the newly-launched track Run! The troupe will also be performing their dance routine as a flash mob in various famous locations in Kolkata.

A look at CODM India Carnival


In collaboration with Mutation eSports, the mobile title will also launch the COD India Carnival to celebrate India's Independence Day.

It will take place from August 15 to August 30, and will feature exciting giveaways, contests, and esport activities. This event will span both the battle royale and multiplayer modes of the game, and is specially curated for the Indian CODM community.

There will also be more than 750,000 COD Points (CP), worth around INR 5 Lakhs, up for grabs in this event.

For more about the event, fans are requested to visit Mutation eSports' official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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