Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 rumored to replace Rebirth Island with an entirely new map

A new map, Fortune's Keep, might replace Rebirth Island (Image via Activision)
A new map, Fortune's Keep, might replace Rebirth Island (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 is almost at its end. With a new season on the horizon, massive news has just come to the surface. Yesterday, Call of Duty confirmed on their social media handles that a brand new map is coming to the game. If leaks and speculations are to be true, the map might replace the fan-favorite Rebirth Island in Season 4.

Since its release in December 2020, Rebirth Island has become popular. Small layouts, quick gunfights, and the Resurgence mode have made the map more likable. While the primary map, Caldera, replaced Verdansk, it wasn't taken well by the community. Meanwhile, players have started playing Rebirth Island more and more. For the last six to seven months, Rebirth has had more player bases than the battle royale map.


It has not been confirmed whether the upcoming map will replace Rebirth or not, but as all the leaks suggest, the end of Rebirth could possibly be sooner than ever. Here is everything we know about the forthcoming map in the game so far.

The next destination of Warzone is Fortune's Keep

Yesterday, Call of Duty posted a tweet saying:

While the blanks are yet to be filled, content creators and leakers around the community have revealed that the new map is called 'Fortune's Keep.'

An hour after the post, they announced the name of the map, which was predicted by the community, 'Fortune's Keep.' Furthermore, the Tac Map for the new map will be revealed today in some secret event.

Call of Duty has been swirling about the map's reveal since the release of the latest patch notes. In the June 20-22 playlist for Rebirth Island, the modes were redacted on the roster.

Prominent Call of Duty leaker TheGhostOfHope posted a tweet hinting that the redacted event might be the end of Rebirth Island. He further stated:

"An original map on the resurgence mode is worth trying. We’ve had Rebirth since December 2020. The map is getting stale & the way people have started playing it since S3 is boring. I’d love if they rotated the maps, but it just doesn’t seem possible on this iteration of Warzone."

Rebirth is here and has been the most popular map in the game for a very long time. We don't have confirmed information yet on whether Raven will remove the map forever or if a new map will be added to the game. However, replacing Rebirth is undoubtedly a massive risk that Raven Software will take if this happens.

It would be pretty exciting to see if Fortune's Keep will live up to the name and whether it will replace Rebirth or not. However, by adding a new map after announcing Warzone 2, Activision is clearly hinting that they will not leave Warzone by itself and will provide live support when the new game arrives. Warzone 2 is all set to arrive later this year.