"Can I sponsor it" - MrBeast offers to sponsor Ludwig’s 'Ludwig Smash' event after a title sponsor backs out

MrBeast offers to help Ludwig by sponsoring the latter
MrBeast offers to help Ludwig by sponsoring the latter's Super Smash Bros. tournament (Images via MrBeast and Ludwig/Twitter)

On October 21, YouTube legend Jimmy "MrBeast" offered a helping hand to fellow YouTube Gaming sensation Ludwig Ahgren.

Ludwig took to Twitter to announce that he would be hosting his Super Smash Bros. tournament called Ludwig Smash. However, he revealed that the title sponsor for the event backed out at the last possible minute and that he would now end up losing a "ton of money."

A few moments later, MrBeast replied to the Los Angeles-based content creator's update and offered to sponsor his event. The former's tweet read:

Fans react as MrBeast offers to sponsor Ludwig's Super Smash Bros. tournament

Earlier today, Ludwig announced that his team would be running the "most stacked" Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament "of all time."

However, the title sponsor for the event backed out, which would result in him losing a lot of money. The YouTuber expressed gratitude towards Nintendo's crossover-fighting game, saying that the title got him into content creation.

He assured the audience that he would "always stay true" to his roots, whether or not he made money. His tweet read:

"Tomorrow we are running the most stacked (Super Smash Bros.) Melee + (Super Smash Bros.) Ultimate tournament of all time. The title sponsor backed out last minute, so it's going to lose s**t ton of money... But (Super) Smash (Bros.) is what got me into content creation. I'll always stay true to my day 1. $ or no $."
Ludwig shared a social media update regarding a Super Smash Bros. tournament on October 21, 2022 (Image via Twitter)
Ludwig shared a social media update regarding a Super Smash Bros. tournament on October 21, 2022 (Image via Twitter)

A few minutes after Ludwig's update, MrBeast came to help out the former Twitch streamer and offered to sponsor his Super Smash Bros. tournament. The philanthropic endeavor went viral on the social media platform, with thousands of community members joining the discussion thread.

Ludwig accepted MrBeast's offer to sponsor his event and said:

The internet personality and professional gamer Perfect Legend lauded Jimmy by commenting:

Team Liquid co-owner and former Super Smash Bros. pro Juan "Hungrybox" replied, saying that MrBeast sponsoring Ludwig's tournament was a "very good idea":

YouTuber and Twitch streamer GimR stated that the collaboration would be "insane":

Twitch partner GamesCage claimed that MrBeast sponsoring the Ludwig Smash event would make it the "biggest Smash tourney":

Esports personality and co-founder of Full Squad Gaming Jake "JakeSucky" Lucky shared the conversation on his Twitter handle earlier today.

He provided more context, stating that the tournament would feature 32 of "the best players" from the Super Smash Bros. pro scene, with a prize pool of $30,000 for each tournament:

Here are some relevant fan reactions from Jake Lucky's reaction thread:

Ludwig's Smash Invitiation is a three-day long tournament that will commence on October 21, 2022 (Friday). The event is being hosted at the Hyperx Arena (Luxor Hotel & Casino) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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