Cheaters reportedly received Counter-Strike 2 limited beta access ahead of prominent CS:GO streamers

Cheaters can access Counter-Strike 2 limited test but content creators are left out (Image via Valve)
Cheaters can access Counter-Strike 2 limited test but content creators are left out (Image via Valve)

The Counter-Strike 2 limited beta testing phase is currently underway, with several content creators and former CS pros allowed to play the upcoming shooter ahead of its release. However, the limited testing phase isn't without controversies. As per recent reports, many cheaters have been granted access to the game, but well-known content creators are yet to receive access.

Counter-Strike 2 is the successor to the incredibly popular first-person shooter title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It's set to introduce a plethora of improved features, including enhanced graphics, gameplay mechanics, physics, and more. As such, the game is scheduled for official release in the summer of 2023.

However, a few lucky fans will be able to play the shooter ahead of its launch through the limited testing program. Valve is currently enrolling players on the basis of their recent playtime, trust factor levels, and Steam account standings.

Unfortunately, despite the limited access, many cheaters have been able to get their hands on the game while popular names in the Counter-Strike community have been left out.

WarOwl and other popular CS content creators haven't received Counter-Strike 2 limited test access as cheaters run rampant

According to a report by the Anti-Cheat Police Department on Twitter, a large number of cheaters have gained access to Counter-Strike 2, which is currently running a closed beta test. In the meantime, content creators like WarOwl (who has devoted the last 10 years of their content to CS) and Anomaly, are yet to receive access to the game.

As expected, this has landed the game in several controversies. CS:GO is often considered to be a cheater's playground, ruining the tactical and competitive experience that the game sets out to provide. Criticizing the anti-cheat system, many players shifted to other shooter games like Valorant or use third-party servers such as Faceit to escape the wrath of cheaters.

Valve previously stated that players who were banned from CS:GO won't be able to access the upcoming game. Despite promises of an improved anti-cheat system for Counter-Strike 2, recent developments don't appear to be in favor of Valve's commitment to stand against hackers and cheaters.

Fans are currently disappointed with the situation and are worried about cheaters as the highly anticipated game goes live. However, there's still some time left before its launch and CS 2 could potentially arrive with improved anti-cheat measures as promised by the developers.

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