Clip of MissMikkaa defeating two Draconic Tree Sentinels simultaneously with dance pad and controller goes viral on Twitter

MissMikka is breaking the glass ceiling of Elden Ring challenges (Image via MissMikkaa/YouTube)
MissMikka is breaking the glass ceiling of Elden Ring challenges (Image via MissMikkaa/YouTube)

Twitch streamer MissMikkaa has gained prominence for successfully completing absurdly difficult challenges in games such as Elden Ring. Her latest Ultimate Challenge involves beating the Game of the Year twice simultaneously with a dance pad on the PC and a controller on the PS5.

Moreover, she has also taken to fighting the bosses in the two Elden Ring games simultaneously, upping the challenge significantly. One of her latest triumphs came when she defeated the optional Draconic Tree Sentinel boss, guarding the entrance to the Leyndell Royal Capital.

She accomplished the task on both systems for the Souls Winter Charity Fest a couple of days ago.

Clips of the feat have been circulated extensively on social media, with GGTalent Group CEO Eric Harper sharing it from the charity event hosted by his group in collaboration with Do Good Points and Save The Children Fund.

Last week MissMikkaa stunned Elden Ring community by beating Margit on two systems


MissMikkaa has gained quite a bit of popularity within the gaming community thanks to several unique runs of Elden Ring. FromSoftware's open-world take on the Souls-like genre is a perilous challenge, yet the streamer has somehow beaten the game multiple times while handicapping herself severely. Her exploits include beating the entire game and its optional bosses with one hand back in July.

In August 2022, the up-and-coming Twitch streamer again made headlines by beating the game one-handed on top of not raising her rune level from 1. The clip of her beating Malenia, arguably the hardest boss in the game, on level 1 while being one-handed garnered praise from multiple sources. The clip accrued over 200K views at the time of writing.

But MissMikkaa was just getting started, returning with another challenge in September: the Elden Ring Dance Pad challenge. After numerous hours of hard-fought gameplay on stream, she finally beat the game again with such an unconventional controller.

For the Souls Winter Charity Fest, she decided to up the ante by playing the game on two systems simultaneously, controlling the PC with a dance pad and the PS5 with a conventional controller. Here is a viral clip of her beating Margit last week, which has already crossed the 100K viewer mark on Twitch.

Social media reactions to the Draconic Tree Sentinel fight

Here are some of the reactions from fans and the gaming community in general to MissMikkaa's latest triumph:

A clip of her playing Elden Ring on two systems was also posted on Reddit, accruing over 13K upvotes and 400 comments. It's safe to say that the gaming community is quite impressed with MissMikkaa's skills, and her growing community on Twitch is a testament to her success as a streamer.

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