Destiny 2's assistant game director confirms changes to Gambit from Season 16 

The Drifter (Image via Destiny 2)
The Drifter (Image via Destiny 2)

Destiny 2 and its most unique mode, Gambit, has been on the playlist for a little over two years. The game mode is a mixture of PvE and PvP, which made the news as soon as it came out alongside Season of the Drifter in March 2019.

Guardians have to defeat numerous enemies to collect several drops called "motes" and deposit them in a bank to summon enemies for the opponent team.

The first team to deposit a specific number of motes and defeat the ultimate boss wins a Gambit match. Guardians from each team can invade each other and sabotage their mote collection or their damage-phase to the boss.

However, with each Season, Gambit has slowly faded away from the regular playlist of the Guardians. Numerous rituals and pinnacle weapons, such as 21% Delirium, Hush and Python saw the sunset, resulting in the Gambit having the least reward pool in Destiny 2 out of any activities.

Gambit changes in Destiny 2 from Season 16

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer sees a huge drop in numbers when it comes to activities in the Gambit. The only weapons in the pool right now are the void hand cannon called Bottom Dollar, the Trinary System fusion rifle and the powerful grenade launcher called Crowd Pleaser.

There have been suggestions from all across the community, shedding light on some current issues, and addressing Bungie with a few pointers on what they can do to make this unique game mode better than ever.

The assistant director of Destiny 2, Joe Blackburn, logged in to Twitter and made a separate thread addressing many issues along with Bungie's plan on solutions for PvP as well as Gambit.

This has got the entire Destiny 2 community hoping for new weapons, additional modes and sandbox changes. For Gambit's future, Joe Blackburn has quoted the following:

Currently we are playtesting all up gambit foundation changes for s16. Focusing on Heavy ammo econ, primeval fight, invasion cadence/power, and more.

Although the quote from the assistant director does raise a lot of points, it is clear that Bungie has finally listened to the community and will be making changes to Gambit. These changes will include managing heavy ammunition inside a Gambit match, the nerf on invaders and changes to primeval fights.

Joe Blackburn also added the possibility of new Gambit maps from Season 16.

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