Saving "The Gambit' in Destiny 2: Few things Bungie can do to significantly improve the game mode

Destiny 2 Drifter (image source Bungie)
Destiny 2 Drifter (image source Bungie)

Gambit was introduced in Destiny 2 way back in the Season of the Drifter during the Year 2 expansion, Forsaken. With the release of the new game mode, Destiny 2 made the news back in the day with how versatile and new Gambit was. It was the first of its kind in the game with four guardians going against each other in both a PvE and a PvP approach.

With more than three ritual weapons to get, along with five or six legendary weapons in the drop pool reward, Gambit was one of the most played game modes on its release.

Destiny 2 ritual weapon Hush (Image source Bungie)
Destiny 2 ritual weapon Hush (Image source Bungie)

Since the release of the Beyond Light expansion, along with the sun-setting ritual and the legendary weapons, it's almost as if Bungie completely forgot about Gambit that bought Destiny 2 so much glory, or as the in-game term goes, so much infamy.

Problems with the Gambit in Year 4 of Destiny 2

Gambit currently only has one playlist instead of two. When it first came out, there was "The Gambit" for a casual approach, and then there was "The Gambit prime" for a more competitive approach on the entire PvPvE scenario.

Bungie almost told the community by singling out the playlist, that they won't be getting their hands on anything regarding the gambit for the time being, not until Witch Queen anyways.

1) Loot Pools

Gambit, with its single playlist, has only three legendary weapons to drop, excluding any ritual weapons or any new exotics. The three weapons are the 120 RPM hand cannon called Bottom Dollar, the powerful grenade launcher called Crowd Pleaser, and a fusion rifle called Trinary system.

With more than 15 weapons being sun-setted, the entire mode has only three exclusive weapons along with an armor set that comes with no extra perks.

Destiny 2 Bottom Dollar (Image source Bungie)
Destiny 2 Bottom Dollar (Image source Bungie)

One of the most important things that the Destiny 2 players care about in any activity is the loot. Regardless of how bad and dragging it is, if the activity provides good loot, players will put their time and soul into finishing it.

However, with Gambit being a 4v4 activity that can take up a whole lot of time, the drop system is flawed, and there's a very slim chance of dropping a gambit-gear. Additionally, any gambit weapon dropping has to have the best perks among the thirty other perks in the game.

Other gears contain world-drop weapons and blue gears.

2) Heavy Ammo drops

The primary objectives of Gambit in Destiny 2 consist of two main routes: either defeat the boss or kill other guardians. To do so, Guardians need access to heavy ammunition for their powerful weapons.

Based on these powerful weapons, Guardians can defeat other players quickly, or defeat the boss quickly to finish the match. But the heavy ammo drops inside a gambit match are sometimes neither friendly nor balanced for the two teams.

3) Four-man stacks

Gambit is meant to act as a Co-op, and it is only natural for other guardians in Destiny 2 to bring in their friends inside the Gambit playlist. But each Gambit match comes with a lot of conditions and a lot of limitations that require communication among the fireteams.

Destiny 2 gambit (image source Bungie)
Destiny 2 gambit (image source Bungie)

Matchmaking alone against a fireteam of four stacked players can be very unbalanced for someone who is looking to win a Gambit match.

Solutions that might revive The Gambit in Destiny 2

1) Drop Pools

Gambit needs way more weapons and armor in the drop pool. The game mode hasn't seen a single new ritual weapon since Python back in 2019.

2) Heavy ammo

Bungie could also add a tally of heavy ammunition to players within the first few minutes of a Gambit match. With no heavy ammo drops and no armory for pick-ups, players inside the Gambit match can choose to decide how they want to spend their heavy ammo inside the match.

3) Four-man Stacks

Stacks of fireteams can get overpowered when it comes to PvP activities in Destiny 2, like iron banner or crucible. To balance this, Bungie introduced a new playlist called, "Freelance" where players can matchmake against other solo players.

Gambit requires a freelance playlist for more freedom and balancing for guardians inside a single match.

Out of the three main playlists, Gambit is the only one in Destiny 2 without an endgame activity. The Vanguard has nightfall and raids, and the crucible has Trials of Osiris and The Iron Banner. The Guardians are yet to see what Bungie has in store for Gambit.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer