"Love the passive aggression of this patch note": Destiny 2 players respond positively to vault size increase

After several requests, Bungie has finally increased the maximum vault size (Images via Bungie, Reddit)
After several requests, Bungie has finally increased the maximum vault size (Images via Bungie, Reddit)
Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

Destiny 2 and vault space have been a brewing problem as the game progresses. Every season brings new rewards for players, and it increases if anyone invests in the premium paths.

While it might not be an issue, the vault space feels quite limited. This has led to several complaints over the last few months, and Bungie has finally responded.

In the latest patch, the developers have increased the vault space by 100 to take the maximum slot to 600.

This has reasonably appeased many fans, while some feel that this problem will require a proper solution. When reading the patch notes, it's evident that even Bungie is aware of the work on hand.

They have informed fans that they're looking at something more sustainable, and the latter is reasonably happy in the meantime.s

Destiny 2 players react as Bungie increases maximum vault space by 100

The screengrab of the patch note was posted by Reddit user u/ok_sounds_good. It's pretty clear that Bungie has been listening to the general complaints of the players and has accordingly made the decision.

Naturally, users reacted to this news, with many happy with this improvement.

For some, it's the best news they have received since the morning. It shows how much some gamers have been asking for an increase in the maximum size of vault space.

Some asked a more pertinent question: how long before people start running out of space? Destiny 2 players will eventually start running out of room as they earn more loot regardless of the vault size.

One user added that they had seen instances of players keeping multiple duplicates of the same weapon. This eventually leads to owning too many things and passing the maximum limit.

According to one player, there's no separate armory or a filter system in Destiny 2 that could be a great QoL change.

Another person blamed the nature of hoarding by gamers as the main reason for the problem.

Instead of asking for more vault space, one individual felt that others should simply dismantle the items they would never use.

What's confusing for some is the tendency of players to fill the vault with many items that they will never use in Destiny 2.

Given that the developers have also informed about their intentions for a sustainable solution, one user suggested that separate vaults need to be added. One of those will be for weapons, one for armor, and the remaining one for everything else.

The initial reception to the change is quite positive. However, the patch notes mean that Bungie is looking at something sustainable and future-proof. What kind of system it implements will be shown in the future.

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