Dr DisRespect goes over a major flaw with Rampart in Apex Legends Season 13

Dr DisRespect discussing Rampart (Image via DrDisrespect/YouTube)
Dr DisRespect discussing Rampart (Image via DrDisrespect/YouTube)
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It seems that the Amped Modder, Rampart, won’t be on Dr DisRespect’s list of playable characters going forward into Apex Legend’s Season 13.

After returning to Respawn Entertainment's popular battle royale, the conversation moved towards self-reflection. The discussion was, in part, influenced by his YouTube community:

“I’m seeing a lot of people say, ‘Doc, you gotta try another character, man. Bloodhound’s just not it for this particular map and rotation, etc.’ I’m starting to think that, man.”

It was then that the streamer considered Rampart for a moment, but he ultimately shot down his own suggestion.

Dr DisRespect breaks down a major flaw with Apex Legends’ Rampart


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Dr DisRespect pointed out the ferocity of Rampart’s Rambo-style minigun, which is largely the reason behind everyone's fascination with her. It’s part of her kit, and Rampart can be mobile with her minigun or combine her own barriers for additional defense. It’s a fantastic way to secure choke points.

One viewer responded, “Rampart is boring,” and the streamer wholeheartedly agreed.

“Yeah, that’s the only thing. There’s not much else you can do other than lay down f***ing shields and then take out the machine gun. That’s it. And these shields get shot out like this. Takes like two shots, boom, boom, down, done. I kinda agree that’s the only thing with Rampart. Like there’s nothing else that makes me wanna play her other than that machine gun and take that thing for a spin."

The streamer made some fair points. Rampart is by no means a bad Legend, but Apex Legends is a fast-paced game, and her abilities have a warm-up time. Her minigun needs 1.25 seconds to spin, for example. That’s an eternity in Apex Legends.

By the end of the conversation, Dr DisRespect summed it up best:

“Is that really helping out the team?”

Fans react to Dr DisRespect’s problems with Rampart

Chat reacting to the streamer's comments (Image via YouTube)
Chat reacting to the streamer's comments (Image via YouTube)

As per usual, the reaction to the streamer's criticisms of Rampart had its fair share of naysayers and defenders. Some argued there were others better than Rampart, while others felt that she was overpowered.

One viewer, Kiffestastic, made an undeniable observation:

“You’re gonna hate how relatively stationary Rampart is when using her Minigun.”

Considering the streamer himself frequently employs a fast and aggressive playstyle, switching to a more defensive character wouldn’t play to his strengths.

A better suggestion, and one shared by the chat, would be Horizon. She has great mobility, along with a kit that would surely be entertaining to viewers due to Horizon’s pension for gravity manipulation.

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