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Dr Disrespect and Sc0ut OP Livestream gets awkward with the two having nothing in common

Image Courtesy: Viral Gamer
Image Courtesy: Viral Gamer
Modified 22 Aug 2020, 07:57 IST

Dr. Disrespect is attempting a new stunt for his stream, this time playing with another popular streamer based halfway around the world. During his stream with Sc0ut, however, it became apparent that these two streamers have very different styles for streaming content.

Sc0ut and Dr. Disrespect, streaming together-streaming apart

The differences in stream styles between Sc0ut and Dr. Disrespect was apparent as soon as their respective streams started. Sc0ut began his stream in game, waiting for Dr. Disrespect to add him as a friend and join his party while Dr. Disrespect spent over an hour talking with his viewers and letting his audience grow.

During that hour, Sc0ut spent most of his time glancing over at his friends list to see if Dr. Disrespect had added or invited him, though this did not seem to bother the Doc.

And the differences in their styles became more apparent as the stream continued.

How Dr. Disrespect makes content sets him apart from typical streamers


Dr. Disrespect focuses almost all of his effort on his production value and trademark style, so it’s understandable that it might not be what most are used to. When they finally did group up together, Dr. Disrespect used all available downtime to continue talking with his audience, while Sc0ut immediately began warming up as the lobby filled up.

It was apparent that Dr. Disrespect was also toning down part of his intensity throughout the stream, specifically his type of comical rage whenever he gets angry at the game. Because a good part of his character involves making his skill appear effortless and his defeats appear circumstantial, he comes off a bit uncharacteristic when he decides to brush off his losses.

All that means, however, is that Dr. Disrespect has the awareness to tailor his content to his crowd, and in this instance a good part of his crowd came from Sc0ut’s stream.

Sc0ut sometimes lags behind in production value

Of course, unfamiliarity flows both ways, and there were moments when Sc0ut seemed like he wasn’t used to working with someone more focused on his show than his game. For Sc0ut, while his personality is certainly part of his content, it’s clear that he emphasizes his skill over his voice.

It was clear at some moments that Dr. Disrespect was seeking for ways to fill downtime with engagement and those points seemed to take away part of Sc0ut’s focus.

As the two streamers become more comfortable working together, and adapt to each other’s styles, their content will begin to flow much better. Until then, this is a great moment to watch how two different streamers working together can occasionally clash, even if they don’t intend to.

Published 22 Aug 2020, 07:57 IST
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