EA Sports releases FIFA 23 ambassadors with Mbappe leading the way along with other superstars

FIFA 23 ambassadors ratings have been revealed by EA Sports (Images via EA Sports)
FIFA 23 ambassadors ratings have been revealed by EA Sports (Images via EA Sports)

A recent glitch on Xbox made FIFA 23 playable to EA Play subscribers a month before its official release, and player ratings and stats were leaked all over social media.

Twitter was buzzing with leaks, sparking conversations, debates, and discussions about whether these ratings were justified and if EA would change them prior to release.


With the full release of the game being just a couple of weeks away, EA Sports has officially started releasing these ratings. They recently revealed three new Icons being added to Ultimate Team. Now, with a series of tweets, they have confirmed the ratings and stats of their official FIFA 23 ambassadors.

These FIFA 23 ambassadors consist of some of the best and most popular names in world football

Despite a host of new features and changes being added to the game, roster changes and ratings updates always dominate the headlines, with fans eager to know the ratings of their favorite players in the game.

EA Sports have started the annual procedure of revealing these ratings by sharing the stats of their FIFA 23 ambassadors.

What are FIFA 23 ambassadors?

These players are some of the best and most popular names in the beautiful game. The list features a mix of established world class players, as well as young prodigies who have the talent and the potential to achieve great heights.

The ambassadors list features the likes of cover star Kylian Mbappe, Liverpool's Virgil Van Dijk and Real Madrid's Vinicius Junior. These players will feature heavily on the promotional material for the upcoming game and help boost the popularity and hype surrounding the game's release.

As these players usually receive custom animations in-game, they will perform even better than their stats suggest and prove to be extremely viable in the upcoming game.

What are the ratings for the FIFA 23 ambassadors?

Based on a recent series of tweets by the official EA Sports FIFA Twitter account, these ambassadors will be some of the highest rated players in the game.

Not only are they rated highly, but the stats on their card look incredibly impressive as well. These players will undoubtedly be overpowered in the upcoming game and fans will be eager to include them in their Ultimate Team squads.

  • Kylian Mbappe - 91
  • Virgil Van Dijk - 90
  • Heung Min Son - 89
  • Vinicius Junior - 86
  • Pedri - 85
  • Alphonso Davies - 84
  • Joao Felix - 84
  • Federico Valverde - 84
  • Kai Havertz - 84
  • Jack Grealish - 84
  • Dusan Vlahovic - 84
  • Jude Bellingham - 84
  • Christian Pulisic - 82

Judging by these ratings, the selection for the FIFA 23 ambassadors shortlist is indeed a reputable and prestigious one, featuring some of the biggest names in world football.

When will the rest of the ratings be released?

EA Sports have confirmed that they will be releasing the ratings for the top 23 players on September 12.

This could be considered the beginning of the full unveiling, as they will most likely start revealing the best players from each individual major league soon as part of the Ratings Collective.

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