Elden Ring data miner reveals that at one point in development, Rennala was capable of summoning Blaidd

Rennala might have been capable of summoning Blaidd in Elden Ring (Images via Elden Ring)
Rennala might have been capable of summoning Blaidd in Elden Ring (Images via Elden Ring)
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Over the past couple of weeks, data miners have revealed quite a bit about some features cut from Elden Ring, including areas on the map and other NPC interactions.

One such recent revelation that Zullie the Witch revealed was that there was a point during the RPGs development when Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, was able to summon Blaidd as one of their aids during her fight with the Tarnished.


In the latest video, Zullie points out that in the official game, there were a few leftover enemies in the map’s load list that imply that there were other summon choices considered for Rennala. She was perhaps capable of calling more than the four spirits that players encounter, one of which, according to Zullie’s findings, was Ranni, the Witch’s shadow, Blaidd.

The speculation comes from an audio file that the data miner excavated from the game files, which contains the following lines:

“Come, Blaidd, my child!”

Rennala might have been capable of summoning Blaidd in Elden Ring

Something to always keep in mind with lore discussion and From Software is that Miyazaki isn't interested in "correct" lore. From deliberately denies you information so that you can't really be certain. What Miyazaki wants is for you to guess, to engage with media in speculation.

During the second stage of her boss encounter, the Tarnished will need to face off against Rennala and her summons. Currently, where the game stands, she is only capable of summoning four enemies: a pack of wolves, a bloodhound knight, a troll, and a dragon.

In the data mined files, Zullie discovered leftover enemy files for the area, including a Black Knife Assassin, a Crucible Knight, and a Bell-Bearing Hunter. Unfortunately, while it’s plausible that these enemies were once considered a summon for Rennala, Zullie suggested that they were possibly just meant to be placed somewhere else as normal encounters in the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

One thing I really enjoyed in Elden Ring compared to most of From's previous games is the interpersonal connection between different characters. There's one connection we missed out on though, which was snipped from Rennala's boss

However, the data miner confirms that Elden Ring’s Rennala once had the ability to summon Blaidd to the fight:

“The Bloodhound Knight she can summon may seem slightly out of place, as she doesn’t have dialogue for summoning it. This may suggest that it was a late replacement for Blaidd, who Rennala does refer to by name in an unused line of dialogue.”

The Queen of the Full Moon refers to Blaidd as her child, which is interesting from a lore perspective. However, it’s crucial not to take this literally and suddenly start considering the half-wolf as her direct bloodline.

As Ranni’s shadow, Blaidd is considered an honorary sibling to her, which, in extension, makes him an honorary child to Rennala.

One overlooked opportunity with the ride system is that they could've had a boss that's a troll with a rat on his head that is controlling his actions.

Zullie further explained that FromSoftware might have sought to cut Blaidd’s summon out in Elden Ring to avoid awkward interactions with him. As Rennala can be fought at any time in the game’s progression, narrative-wise, it would have complicated things quite a bit when the Tarnished proceeded with completing Ranni’s questline.

As a summon is a living entity and not a Spirit Ash, Rennala would have called the actual Blaidd to the fight, leading to more complicated dialogue options for the developers to inculcate down the line.

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