Elden Ring dataminer finds more cut content, this time Vyke’s questline

Vyke might have had his very own questline in Elden Ring (Image via Elden RIng)
Vyke might have had his very own questline in Elden Ring (Image via Elden RIng)
Abhishek Mallick

Elden Ring has been a treasure trove for dataminers since RPG's official launch a couple of months ago. Over the past few days, a significant amount of information has been excavated from the game files, the most recent of which points to a missing questline surrounding Vyke.

The dataminer who goes by Sekiro Dubi recently discovered that there might be a potential cut questline for Festering Fingerprint Vyke.

In the latest video, the dataminer reveals that Vyke is the character who is on the game’s very cover. Hence, it is quite a surprise to many that FromSoftware might have chosen to cut out the questline of the very NPC on the poster.

Remember Vyke right? The guy on the Elden Ring cover...What if told you there's some cut content for this NPC... #ELDENRING

In the game's final version, the Elden Ring Tarnished face Vyke twice. The first time is an invasion and the second time as one of the field bosses in an Evergoal.

While many felt that Vyke’s presence in the game was limited to those two instances, during the initial stages of the RPG’s development, FromSoftware had other plans for their poster boy.

Vyke might have had his very own questline in Elden Ring


In the video, which goes over some of the datamined discoveries, Sekiro Dubi showcases a cut dialogue from Gostoc, the NPC who is present beside the main gate of Stormveil Castle.

In the dialogue, Gostoc mentions that he had seen a “repulsive-looking knight” wearing armor that is “melting inwards, practically falling apart” enter the legacy dungeon before the players arrived.

Sekiro Dubi clarifies that the NPC is referring to Vyke during this exchange. While there is no dialogue or audio exchange with Vyke in the game's final version, the dataminer believes that it was present during one stage of development.

Sekiro Dubi bases this supposition on a datamined information that points at a spawn location for Vyke, which puts him as one of the summons to fight against “a boss” in the castle.

To record the video I had to shut down his AI, because Vyke wanted to kill everything in Stormveil #ELDENRING

The boss is likely Godrick. Vyke must have been the Tarnished before the player. He probably tried to challenge one of the shard bearers in Elden Ring.

Sekiro Dubi is not too certain about what Vyke’s questline would have entailed. However, they state that upon completing his missions, players were eligible to get their hands on three rewards.

It will be interesting to see if FromSoftware chooses to develop Vyke in the future DLC or expansion and add missing questlines for him that have been removed from the current game version.

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