Emiru goes all out during recent karaoke livestream with EsfandTV, Mizkif, and other OTK members

Emiru went all out while singing a System of a Down song with Esfand and Mizkif (Images via Emiru, Esfand, and Mizkif/Twitter)
Emiru went all out while singing a System of a Down song with Esfand and Mizkif (Images via Emiru, Esfand, and Mizkif/Twitter)
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Emily "Emiru" gave her best efforts during a karaoke night on stream. She played the rhythm game Rockband with fellow OTK streamers Esfand and Mizkif.

The group was playing the song Chop Suey! by the heavy metal band System of a Down. The female streamer was on vocals, trying to sing the song as much like Serj Tankian as possible. For those uninitiated, Serj Tankian is the lead singer of the popular band.

Emiru gives it her all while playing Rockband

The OTK members had themselves a karaoke night on stream, playing the rhythm game Rockband. Emiru was on the microphone, while Esfand and Mizkif were on drums and guitar, respectively. They were also joined by BJP, who was on bass guitar, and Briezy.

The song they played, Chop Suey! was released in 2001 and is often considered the band's most popular song. Chop Suey! features numerous instances of screaming vocals by System of a Down's lead singer, something the streamer tried to emulate in her own performance of the song.

Coming out of the chorus and leading into the second verse, the streamer can be heard switching from singing to shouting the lyrics at the top of her lungs while jumping around. This got a laugh out of the group, especially Esfand, who was trying to focus on playing the drums while laughing and gasping for air at the same time.

During the second chorus, she had Briezy join her on the vocals. Esfand later joined her in singing the lyrics; he'd indicated before they started that he was a fan of the System of a Down song. And he asked her after the song if she had lost her voice from all the screaming.

"Can you talk anymore or did you lose your voice?"

BJP said that he admired the energy in her singing performance, saying he was impressed by how committed she was to the song.

"You were into that one. That was awesome. The level of commitment was impressive."

Emi picked the song for the group to play, and her enthusiasm during their performance stole the show.

Fans react to Emiru's Rockband performance

Viewers of the clip loved the performance, with some saying they wished they had a group of people to have Rockband nights with.

Many were confused about who BJP was. While he is Sodapoppin's older brother in reality, viewers said that he looked similar to a couple of celebrities, including Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello.

Perhaps the karaoke night on their recent Korea trip is what gave Esfand the idea of doing a Rockband night. The streamer created another clip-worthy moment when he sang the gachi version of Chandelier by Sia, screaming the chorus at the top of his lungs in a similar fashion to Emiru.

All in all, it was fun to see the streamers try their hands at music again, even if it was more screaming than singing.

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