Watch: Emiru receives adorable IRL donation in South Korea

Emiru, while streaming IRL in Korea, was a part of a wholesome IRL donation (Image via Sportskeeda)
Emiru, while streaming IRL in Korea, was a part of a wholesome IRL donation (Image via Sportskeeda)
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While visiting South Korea with Mizkif and other parts of OTK, Emiru received a wholesome IRL stream donation. The friends were wandering South Korea, and a girl came up to the group, politely asked for an autograph, and left Emiru with a donation loaded with cute Kirby items.

Emiru and friends wander Korea, get stream sniped in a wholesome way

More often than not, stream snipers are a terrible thing that ruins virtually every stream they’re a part of. However, Mizkif, Emiru, and friends are incredibly popular streamers. It was interesting to see people come up to them and admit they were fans of the stream. A young Korean girl came up to the streamer and wanted an autograph.

Others said it was adorable to see, and Emiru quickly agreed to give the autograph. After bowing a few times politely, the fan hurried away, not staying too long on the stream. But she left Emiru with a box.

“So cute!”

The others yelled “Thank you” in Korean to the girl, who turned and waved one last time. The streamer looked down at the box, questioning if they should open it immediately.

“Should I open it?”

She was given some Korean money and several items based on Kirby's Nintendo character. There was a small laminated Kirby badge, a bottle with several little Kirbys, and a Sleepy Kirby minifig.

(Clip begins at 2:45:34)

She was also gifted 15,000 won, though one of the streamers said “10,000 dollars!”, remarking that it would be about 5,000 bits. It was a delightfully wholesome moment for the streamer, who seemed overjoyed to sign the envelope of their fan.

Reddit loved this wholesome moment in the stream

It’s not a shock to see people come up to Mizkif and his friends while streaming IRL, but this particular moment was wholesome and heartwarming. Quite a few people on Reddit appreciated how this all went down.

One user complimented the girl on being polite, offering a donation, and heading out without overstaying their welcome.

According to Reddit, the girl later returned and brought gifts for everyone else in the group, which was honestly a lovely gesture. This way, everyone gets a little bit of joy in their day.

One of the Redditors pointed out that the 15,000 won came out to $12. Others didn’t seem to mind. It was still an IRL donation and more than it cost to sub to a channel.

After a brief moment in the streamers’ travels around South Korea, it was a perfect, wholesome moment that many on social media appreciated seeing. Not every IRL stream sniper is pleasant or polite, but this instance was a nice change of pace for stream sniping.

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