"Extremely outrageous" - xQc spills the beans on his court case with Adept, reveals latter sought protection due to "family violence"

xQc talks about the accusations Adept made against him (Image via xQc/Twitch)
xQc talks about the accusations Adept made against him (Image via xQc/Twitch)

During a livestream on October 4, 2023, Felix "xQc" spilled the beans about his court case with ex-girlfriend Sammy "Adept." For those unaware, an incident that occurred in January 2023 can be considered a catalyst for the drama, when Adept unexpectedly appeared on Felix's broadcast and accused him of "violating court orders."

For months, bits and pieces of information circulated on social media, ranging from claims of their marriage to allegations of physical abuse leveled against xQc. Earlier today, the former Overwatch pro revealed that Adept had filed for a protective order against him, accusing him of committing "family violence." Calling these claims "extremely outrageous," Felix stated:

"The claims were extremely outrageous - unfounded, untrue. Then, it happened. And, they were so far out that I didn't even know what I was reading when it was given to me. It almost felt like it was filed for the wrong person. That's how outrageous it was."

"Possibly worst thing you could do to somebody" - xQc provides details about his legal battle with Adept

xQc recalled being kicked out of one of his houses by the police at the 37-minute mark of the broadcast. Expressing his dismay over the situation, the content creator said:

"I didn't know how to process that because it felt like going through life and doing whatever. I felt like there were certain things that you get that you feel are yours and then, I feel like chased out of my own house without knowing why, is like, really f**king bad! You know? Because it feels dehumanizing. It feels like you own nothing, like, you... you can't achieve anything. It feels like everything can be taken away from you."

xQc then disclosed that the police had ordered him to leave his own property because Adept had filed a protection order against him. He elaborated:

"I still didn't understand why the police were almost mad at me and wanted me to get out really fast because I should really be able to go into my own house. And then, I learned days later that there was an application made... by the other party for a protective order against me - so they had to be protected from me because I had committed family violence."

Timestamp: 00:37:55

xQc added that the accusations leveled against him included the "worst thing" somebody could do:

"And, the claims made... I don't want to go into details about it. It's possibly one of the worst thing that you could do to somebody. One of the worst action you could do to somebody were in those claims, amongst other ones. That was something!"

Fans react to the streamer's discussion

xQc's clip was shared on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, where it quickly rose to the top. Here's what Redditors had to say about it:

Comment byu/FreeAPHUGs from discussion inLivestreamFail
Comment byu/FreeAPHUGs from discussion inLivestreamFail
Comment byu/FreeAPHUGs from discussion inLivestreamFail

On the same day, Adept's Twitch channel received its first ban. The news sparked speculation in the streaming community, with some believing Adept was suspended because she "leaked illegally obtained DMs on stream."

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