"F**k you and that manager" - Adin Ross calls IShowSpeed a "liar" amidst their recent feud

Adin Ross responded to IShowSpeed on May 30, 2023 (Images via Adin Ross/Kick, IShowSpeed/YouTube, and Sportskeeda)
Adin Ross responded to IShowSpeed on May 30, 2023 (Images via Adin Ross/Kick, IShowSpeed/YouTube, and Sportskeeda)

Controversial streamer Adin Ross has responded to fellow content creator Darren "IShowSpeed's" recent statements. For context, on May 29, 2023, the latter opened up about his friendship when fans asked him why he hadn't spoken with Adin Ross in a while. IShowSpeed responded by claiming that the Florida native seemingly ignored his texts:

"'Why haven't you talked to Adin?' Bro, I texted him and he hasn't been texting me, bro. I'm just saying. I don't think he... he doesn't... he doesn't message me no more."

Earlier today, May 30, 2023, Adin Ross responded to IShowSpeed, and things got heated. He claimed the YouTuber had changed his phone number and had not reconnected with him. The Kick streamer then shared some rather strong sentiments for Darren's manager, saying:

"You didn't do that. You won't do that. You're a liar, Darren Watkins III. F**k you and that manager. That dirty, hillbilly manager! F**k him! Up yours, bozo! F**k you! S**k my d**k! You ruined my friend, you ruined (IShow) Speed. You're a piece of s**t. You're a b**ch. F**k you! I don't care! I said it! I love Speed and hate his f**king manager! Up yours!"

Adin Ross slams IShowSpeed's recent claims and goes off on the latter's manager

Adin Ross was browsing fan submissions on his official Discord server when he came across the aforementioned clip in which IShowSpeed discussed his friendship with the content creator. After hearing what the latter said, Ross exclaimed:

"I swear to god, bro. Spam, 'Cap,' bro! You changed your number a month ago, bro! You haven't even texted me or called me from your new number. What do you do when you get a new phone? 'Hey, this is Speed. My new number.' I don't even have your new number."

The indefinitely banned Twitch streamer went on to say that he "didn't care" about Darren's online persona:

"I don't care about IShowSpeed! I care about Darren Watkins, bro! I care about Darren Watkins. I don't give a f**k! You're talking about stupid bull s**t, bro! I don't care!"

Adin Ross then slammed IShowSpeed's manager, calling them a "bad" person:

"No, Speed! That's a bad manager! He's a bad guy! I don't know, man. I don't know, guys. He's so bad! I don't care about the f**king clip. Speed has my phone number, he doesn't call me. I swear to god, he doesn't, bro!"

Adin Ross asserted that IShowSpeed changed his phone number and that he no longer communicates with him via that number:

"Ask everyone around him. He's changed his f**king number. I don't have his new number. How am I supposed to call you? You're supposed to say,' Hey! This is Speed. My new number.' Show proof that it's actually Speed. You FaceTime me. That's how it's supposed to be done!"

Fans react to the streamer's response amidst his beef with IShowSpeed

Ross' response to IShowSpeed attracted a lot of attention on the social media platform. Some of the most pertinent reactions were along these lines:

This is not the first time Adin Ross has expressed such sentiments. On April 11, 2023, the Kick streamer voiced his dislike for IShowSpeed's manager after revealing that the latter had advised the YouTuber not to associate with Ross due to his contentious behavior.

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