“Common Train W” - Fans react to Trainwreckstv partnering up with Rise Above The Disorder to provide free mental healthcare

The streaming community on Twitter reacted to Trainwreckstv starting a free mental healthcare venture with an NGO (Image via Sportskeeda)
The streaming community on Twitter reacted to Trainwreckstv starting a free mental healthcare venture with an NGO (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer Tyler "Trainwreckstv" announced a partnership with the Non-Governmental Organization Rise Above The Disorder (@YouAreRAD) and revealed that he has donated $350,000 to make the first 12,000 sessions to be free of cost.


The announcement tweet was well received and several prominent streaming personalities applauded the streamer's initiative to provide free mental healthcare to the community.

Twitter user Skrimy (@SkrimishX) reacted to the announcement by saying:

Twitter reacts to Trainwreckstv's announcement

As expected, the Twitch content creator's philanthropic venture went viral on Twitter, and several big-name personalities like HealthyGamerGG, Nemsko, and Ovilee May were present in the reply section:

@Trainwreckstv So much impact, love to see this. Congrats to you both @Trainwreckstv and @YouAreRAD! This is no easy thing to pull off, appreciate the work ❤️
@Trainwreckstv this is amazing. so many people ask where they can find affordable therapy. thank you for doing this 🥺
@Trainwreckstv This is incredibly kind and amazing of you to do. Thank you for supporting people who just need a bit of help to find their way.
@Trainwreckstv This is such a W

Team Liquid's Talent Manager Kory "Symbolic" Arruda had this to say:

@Trainwreckstv Wow, this is incredible. Really amazing to see how much you give back, massive kudos man🙏

Esports personality Jake Lucky shared the program's details and commended Tyler for donating $350,000 to the cause:

Twitch streamer @Trainwreckstv has announced a partnership with @YouAreRAD in order to offer free mental healthcare and invite other streamers to fundraise the program as well for their communitiesA $350,000 starting donation has been made to provide 12,000 free sessions. W

Here's how fans reacted to Jake Lucky's post:

@JakeSucky @Trainwreckstv @YouAreRAD This is a great opportunity for so many in the community! W's all around

How does the free mental healthcare program work?

Earlier today, Trainwreckstv made a TwitLonger update on his official Twitter account that outlined the initiative's functioning in great detail.

My Community Free Mental Healthcare Program (Please read all)Read:

The "Community Care" program is one of the main features of the initiative. It will enable community members to start therapy sessions with the help of professionally licensed mental health professionals:

"The Community Care program focuses on helping people start therapy with licensed mental health professionals practicing empirically researched methods of therapy. Therapy remains the most effective means to address the majority of mental health issues, but difficulty finding a therapist or being able to afford therapy have been a major barrier. At Rise Above The Disorder, we help eliminate that barrier entirely."

Viewers who wish to enroll in the program must send a direct message to one of the Discord bots, which will then connect community members with Rise Above The Disorder NGO's staff:

"Members of the community can then start therapy in just three steps: DM the bot to receive a link to our secure & private scheduling platform; Talk with a mental health professional at Rise Above The Disorder about how you’re feeling and what you’re looking to address in therapy; Start seeing a therapist, personally matched to you."

The average cost of a therapy session costs between $35 to $75, however, the first 12,000 sessions are free of cost, thanks to Trainwreckstv's $350,000 donation:

"Depending on the creator’s viewer base, therapy sessions cost Rise Above The Disorder, on average, between $35-$75 per week. Although there are no-limits on the amount of sessions we will cover for someone in need, the average time spent in our program is 4 months."

It further goes on to talk about the average expense that a person would have to pay without the streamer's donation:

"The effective average spend before someone is no longer in-need of our financial support to be between $700 & $1,500. The current funding for this program is roughly 12,000 therapy sessions, generously donated by Trainwreckstv."

Rise Above The Disorder will help finance therapy sessions for individuals who do not have insurance:

"For members of the community who don’t have insurance, who are under-insured, or otherwise are unable to afford therapy, Rise Above The Disorder will pay for therapy sessions on their behalf."

This is not the first time that the Twitch streamer has donated large sums of money to a charitable cause.

Earlier this year, Trainwreckstv revealed that he has given away a total of $10,000,000 of his money to help content creators and streaming community members.

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