Fnatic's Upset gets the first Pentakill at League of Legends Worlds 2022

Upset drops the first Pentakill at Worlds 2022 (Image via League of Legends)
Upset secures the first Pentakill at Worlds 2022 (Image via League of Legends)

The Play-ins of League of Legends Worlds 2022 have officially begun. It has been quite an eventful day despite a few hiccups, and it is certainly one that Fnatic will remember.

The ADC of Fnatic, Upset, officially pulled off the first Pentakill of the tournament against the LCO champions, Chiefs. This was definitely a massive statement from Upset, and it will be a significant confidence booster for the team. A Pentakill in the MOBA is the act of getting five kills in quick succession.


Even two days ago, there was no guarantee that Upset would be playing at Worlds 2022 on account of illness. However, he recovered on time and was able to attend the first day of the tournament.

Upset's Pentakill will boost Fnatic's confidence in League of Legends Worlds 2022

Fnatic is a team that is always known to have internal issues right before a World Championship. Back in 2021, Upset had to leave the team due to personal issues. The team also had a host of other issues that saw them crumble during the Group Stage.

In fact, just two days before the League of Legends Worlds 2022, Upset and Hylissang tested positive for COVID-19, which prompted the team to bring in substitutes. Things were certainly looking disastrous, and fans were worried.

- arrive late night before matchday after recovering from illness- jetlag (?)- no scrims- some warm up in NA hell queue- get pentakill- be @FNC_Upset

However, things changed just around 24 hours before the first game, when both Upset and Hylissang were cleared, and the former was able to travel right away. Hylissang tested negative as well, but his report arrived late, so he would only be able to join the team on the second day.

Fans should keep in mind that this is Upset's first ever League of Legends World Championship. He missed the tournament last year and was close to missing it once again.

Fortunately, he was able to attend the first day of the tournament and managed to get a memorable Pentakill on Kalista against the Chiefs. Upset announced his arrival in style, and this will give the team a much-needed boost during League of Legends Worlds 2022.

Fans of the team believe that Upset and Hylissang are one of the best botlanes in Europe. Unfortunately, the team has never been able to prove this on an international stage. However, things seem to be different this time around. Once Hylissang joins the team, Fnatic will look even sharper. The team will likely try to maintain their momentum from the first day and focus on qualifying for the Group stage.

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