Forsen gets banned from PUBG for a month, fans react

Forsen is handed a month-long suspension on PUBG (Image via forsen/Twitch)
Forsen is handed a month-long suspension on PUBG (Image via forsen/Twitch)

Sebastian "Forsen" is one of the most popular Twitch streamers on the platform. He was handed a month-long ban from the battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).

The streamer has been playing PUBG for quite a while and has racked up more than a thousand hours of in-game time playing the massively-popular game.

During his most recent stream, when Forsen loaded up the game, he was greeted with the following message on the game's dashboard:

"You have been banned! You have been banned from PUBG until 2022-05-15 due to abusing. Please visit Support for more information."

Forsen reacts to his ban from PUBG

VOD for the clip begins at 00:52:12.

The Swedish streamer had been reacting to content sent to him by his viewers for the initial first hour of his stream. As he has done in the past week, Forsen loaded up PUBG and came to know that he has now been banned from the game.

Many fans speculate that this is an automated ban and the streamer will not be required to serve the full duration of his suspension. This is not the first time that he has been banned from the game.

As soon as he read the message presented to him by the game, the Twitch streamer said:

"Oh? Alright."

He laughed while looking at the ban message and took a look at what his chat had to say. He took a sip from his water bottle and said:

"That's that!"

He instantly quit the game and reacted to his suspension by saying:

"One month ban! Alright. Well, now we know."

Following this revelation, the Twitch content creator headed on to Steam to look for some multiplayer titles that he could play with his fans. Soon after, he hopped into the competitive playground of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and played it for the entirety of his stream.

Fans react to Forsen getting banned from PUBG for a month

Fans on Reddit were amused to see how frequently the streamer ends up getting banned from the game. Many of them stated that this was an automated ban for sure and will be soon reverted.

A Reddit user argued that Bluepoint Games will pay no heed to the streamer's ban since their entire business model has now been refocused to the Asian mobile gaming scene.

Some mentioned that the developers did a favor by banning the streamer because according to them, the game is very boring to watch.

Quite a few of them made fun of the entire situation.

It is yet to be seen if the former Hearthstone professional player will be unbanned from the game before the month's suspension. Till then, fans can enjoy watching the streamer play a variety of games.

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