Forsen lets out a loud squeal and appears to cry after dying in Dark Souls 3

Forsen dies in a hilarious way in Dark Souls 3 (Image via Forsen/Twitch and Dark Souls 3)
Forsen dies in a hilarious way in Dark Souls 3 (Image via Forsen/Twitch and Dark Souls 3)

Sebastian “Forsen” has been preparing for the launch of the highly anticipated game Elden Ring, and for this, he started to play the modified version of the game Dark Souls 3. The streamer had been playing the dark fantasy game for around five hours when he was challenged by a bunch of enemies who ganged up on him.

Dying in the most hilarious way possible, the streamer let out a loud squeal after which it looked like he started to cry.

Forsen dies to regular mobs in modified version of Dark Souls 3

In anticipation of the upcoming FromSoftware game Elden Ring, a number of streamers and gamers have started to play the game developers' former games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro to prepare themselves for the challenge. Similar to them, Forsen too dived into playing Dark Souls 3.

The Fog Gate Randomiser mod of the game becomes even more challenging as the developers of the mod added tens of more enemies to a small area. Players must perfectly clear out the zone so that they do not die. The streamer struggled to clear the area and seemed pretty frustrated by it.

As he dodged and rolled through the hoard of mobs, he said:

“Remember everything I find chat. Oh no, this is how it starts. What the f**k is this?”

A large zombified bee attacked the streamer and almost one shot him. This was the streamer's fifty-first death in-game. Surprised by this, Forsen let out a loud squeal. He seemed pretty upset with this death in-game after losing 300k souls.

Forsen loses 300k souls and appears to cry as he plays Dark Souls 3 (Image via Forsen/Twitch)
Forsen loses 300k souls and appears to cry as he plays Dark Souls 3 (Image via Forsen/Twitch)

Souls is a currency in the Dark Souls series which helps players upgrade their characters by leveling up their statistics, buying items and upgrading their weapons.

The Swedish streamer respawned at Anor Londo (specifically at Aldrich’s bonfire) where he took a while to calm himself down. Through another random fog gate, the streamer ended up reaching the High Wall of Lothric and said:

Did I get something at least useful?”

The streamer continued to stream for another fifty minutes where he continued to die as expected. He also faced DLC (Downloadable Content) bosses Demon in Pain and Demon from Below as they randomly spawned through the fog gate.

He plans to continue his Dark Souls journey till the February 25th, when Elden Ring is officially released.

Fans react to Forsen dying in a hilarious way as he played Dark Souls 3

Fans and audiences on Reddit were amused, yet saddened to see how the streamer reacted to the situation. They made fun of him by saying how this single reaction was worth a year’s full of reactions. Some even gave context for the clip.

The Swedish streamer is a well-known gamer who takes on the challenge of finishing off difficult games. He is often made fun of by the viewers in his chat for his persistence to continue and finish off the obstacles in various games.

He is also a former professional Hearthstone player who has competed in various competitive stages. He has a community of 1.5 million followers and manages to get around eight thousand viewers per stream.

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