Fortnite Season 6: How to improve PC's performance by boosting FPS

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Self-proclaimed sweaty Fortnite player known as itsJerian on YouTube recently released a video guiding players through the process of optimizing their PC performance.

While the video offers an in-depth walkthrough, this article provides a breakdown of the easiest steps for every PC gamer to enhance their Fortnite experience.


Fortnite Season 6: How to improve PC's performance by boosting FPS

For PC Fortnite players, understanding how to optimize gameplay through their settings can be the key to unlocking a genuinely enjoyable Battle Royale experience.

Stuttering and low frame rates negatively impact most PC loopers who have never realized the issue can be easily fixed with a few clicks.

Updating Graphics Drivers & the Best Drivers for Fortnite players

YouTuber itsJerian offers an in-depth walkthrough of what settings gamers can change, beginning with updating the graphics drivers.

Depending on which graphics card PC players are using, GeForce or AMD will be available for players to check which software version their graphics card is currently running.

Some players may receive a pop-up window warning them to update their drivers before entering the arena. However, some players may not be notified that an update is available. Upon opening the software, players can check which update they are currently on. Should a player wish to update to the latest version, they will be able to manually do so from there.

{Image via itsJerian on YouTube}
{Image via itsJerian on YouTube}

While getting the most up-to-date may seem like the best way to enhance PC gameplay, itsJerian reveals an older version of the graphics drivers may be even better.

For NVIDIA players, a quick Google search will provide players with an NVIDIA website where loopers can enter their PC information and have the best graphics software version selected for them. This calculation is based on the specifics of the gamer's PC build should they not wish to have the "generic" experience of simply downloading the latest software.

The Adamx Pack

YouTuber itsJerian highlights a download readily available for Fortnite players, providing all players with a beginner-friendly tweaking guide, which comes originally from another YouTube creator known as Adamx.

From creating a "Restore Point" should anything go wrong when adjusting these PC settings, to restarting the PC once all of the changes are made, itsJerian completes a total walkthrough of the entire Adamx process.

{Image via itsJerian on YouTube}
{Image via itsJerian on YouTube}

In short, perhaps the easiest ways to increase PC gameplay are disabling full-screen optimization, preventing applications from automatically running upon PC start-up, and disabling power throttling.

All of these steps can be done through a PC user's Start Menu, however this downloadable Fortnite-focused pack can complete these tasks in a few clicks.

Another simple way to enhance a PC player's frame per second within Fortnite is to cleanup unnecessary temporary files that do not add anything to the player's experience. Large portions of memory can be taken up if a player does not regularly clear out their temporary files, as itsJerian discovers in his video.

{Image via itsJerian on YouTube}
{Image via itsJerian on YouTube}

Whether players enter the Fortnite battlefield from a console or PC, frame rate is extremely important in attempting to achieve a #1 Victory Royale.

With itsJerian's walkthrough, Adamx's guide, and this short overview of what to look for, PC Fortnite players can easily enhance their experience.

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