Fortnite Season 6: Top 5 hidden secrets

{Image via Epic Games}
{Image via Epic Games}

Fortnite Season 6 launched only a week ago, but players have already dedicated enough time to find several hidden activities to do within the game.

While players are excited to explore new map locations and unlock special skins this season, some loopers are looking to discover lesser-known game features.

Popular YouTuber TheLlamaSir recently released a video exploring some hidden jobs for Fortnite Season 6 players to do with some refreshers along the way.


Top 5 hidden secrets in Fortnite Season 6

#5 - Marking maps before dropping

Mark Maps for Precise Dropping {Image via TheLlamaSir}
Mark Maps for Precise Dropping {Image via TheLlamaSir}

Within the video, TheLlamaSir highlighted how players can mark locations on the map before dropping from the bus. This feature can be extremely helpful for players mapping out specific quests to quickly earn XP or for players working together in a team.

Long-time loopers may already know how to mark the map. However, with Fortnite Season 6 bringing so much to the table, new players joining the battle royale might not know how to use this feature.

#4 - Colossal Crops Boars

One of the many new features of Fortnite Season 6 is the inclusion of animals. Creatures such as boars, wolves, and chickens have been added to the battle royale to allow gamers to hunt and tame them.

Should loopers successfully hunt an animal, they could be rewarded with meat or Animal Bones. Both of these items are key materials needed for the new in-game features. However, animal spawn rates are low.

TheLlamaSir's video takes players to Colossal Crops, where several boars are guaranteed to spawn in every game. This provides players with a certain amount of Animal Bones that they can count on in every game for taming wolves and crafting better weapons.

#3 - Animal Bones, not just found in animals

Also within Colossal Crops, players can find Animal Bones hidden in plain sight.

{Image via TheLlamaSir}
{Image via TheLlamaSir}

Throughout this map location, bones can be found in several decorations.

Many players spend time mining for materials by destroying furniture and breaking down walls. With weapon upgrades dependant on finding Animal Bones in Fortnite Season 6, players are desperately looking for Animal Bones.

Though the animal spawn rate is currently low within the game, Animal Bones can easily be found in some location decorations every game.

#2 - Chicken-enhanced gameplay

While many gamers have already discovered that holding a chicken while jumping will give players a boost, some players tested this theory to the extreme.

Should players manage to carry a chicken all the way to the jump pads at the top of the Spire towers, this hidden feature will provide them with a great tool to move great distances quickly.

Another fun chicken feature within Fortnite Season 6 is the current glitch that allows players to craft items with an actual chicken.

{Image via TheLlamaRama}
{Image via TheLlamaRama}

This humorous glitch allows players to upgrade their weapons for assistance in achieving a #1 Victory Royale, while giving the chicken an important role in their success.

#1 - Legendary Primal Flame Bow upgrade

{Image via TheLlamaSir}
{Image via TheLlamaSir}

While many secrets have already been discovered and shared within the community, Fortnite Season 6 still has one last secret in store so far.

Fortnite Season 6 gameplay relies heavily on loopers attempting to upgrade their weapons via crafting. Combinations of certain weapons and items can turn underpowered weapons into even better ones, like crafting a Primal Bow.

Should players craft or locate a Primal Bow along with a gas can, loopers can then create a Primal Flame Bow.

The secret here lies with The Reaper located towards the western edge of the map. Upon interacting with The Reaper, players can trade him the gold they have collected for a Legendary Primal Flame Bow.

Fortnite Season 6 is so rich with new content that secrets are continuously being uncovered. The hidden features listed above are just a small portion of what is to be expected this season

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