Genshin Impact players allegedly harassed screenwriter, VA, and Wanderer fans, claims gamer explaining toxicity

Some Scaramouche fans are having it rough
Some Scaramouche fans are having it rough (Image via HoYoverse)

Some toxic parts of the Chinese Genshin Impact community have recently come under fire in a viral Reddit post by u/Snoo2612 regarding Wanderer. This thread went viral in r/Genshin_Impact, amassing over 8.4K upvotes and 2,200 comments. This article shall summarize the important parts while containing the original post in the next section.

Note that the accusations aren't against the Chinese community as a whole. The people responsible for the drama are just a small subset often found on Tieba and NGA. Let's look at why those fans despise Wanderer and have supposedly harassed his VA, fans, and a screenwriter involved with his story.

Some Genshin Impact fans have been accused of harassing people over Wanderer's existence

The above Reddit post is quite lengthy, and it starts with an edit referring to how OP got doxxed over the ordeal. Basically, the OP was a Chinese Genshin Impact fan who didn't like how abrasive some players were to Wanderer and his fans. Here is an important part of the excerpt that might stick out to some players:

"Scara is depicted as a cat in version 3.3, so some people used him as an excuse to kill cats. A teenager killed a cat in his living district. He said that cat looked like Scarameow. Another man killed cats with a brick and he shared killing videos in a Telegram group."

Animal rights in China is a bit of a controversial topic, especially among Western fans. Shortly after that brief discussion is this passage:

"People on Tieba and NGA tried to find out the identity of the screenwriter who wrote version 3.3. They said this story whitewashed a "war criminal," so the screenwriter must be morally condemned."

The Reddit post includes several more examples of how hateful some Genshin Impact fans were toward this fictional character and those connected to him. Even Wanderer's Chinese VA, Kana, has also been reportedly insulted on livestreams.

Source for some of the claims

Note: The second video is heavily censored, so readers should know that they are not going to see any gory details. A non-censored version does exist, but it won't be posted here for obvious reasons.

This Reddit comment contains several sources of some Genshin Impact fans doing questionable actions due to their hatred of Wanderer. Everything listed above is in Chinese since the footage comes from Bilibili, a Chinese video-hosting website.

The hatred toward Wanderer has even made some players dislike Nahida just because of her association with him, even among fans who used to love her.

The OP for the original Genshin Impact Reddit post surrounding all this drama even got doxxed on NGA, as evident in the above Reddit embed. Some individuals take this drama extremely seriously, proving a few of the original Reddit accusations of harassment toward Scaramouche fans.

It's too early to tell how this Genshin Impact controversy will develop since everything posted here was several hours old when this article was written. Much of the vitriol toward Scaramouche has existed for years now, so there's no telling if it will slow down or become even more aggressive in the upcoming months.