“George and I are not gay”: Dream quashes relationship rumors involving him and GeorgeNotFound

Dream denies being in a relationship with GeorgeNotFound (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dream denies being in a relationship with GeorgeNotFound (Image via Sportskeeda)

In his latest tweet, Minecraft icon Dream quashed rumors about any possible relationship between him and fellow streamer George "GeorgeNotFound." The two streamers have been best friends for years and fans have repeatedly linked them romantically due to their on- and off-screen bromance.

Dream took to Twitter today, March 9, to reveal that he is not gay and neither is GeorgeNotFound. He announced that there is a "common misconception" about their relationship that he needed to clear up:

"George and I are not gay or in a gay relationship with each other. I just thought I would clear up the common misconception."

Being the famous online celebrities that both the Minecraft creators are, the tweet naturally resonated with their massive fanbase and gained over 300K views within the first 20 minutes of it being posted.

"Reverse psychology": Fans refuse to believe Dream's claim about not being in a relationship with GeorgeNotFound

The two have been playing Minecraft for years at this point. Their collaboration on the popular Dream SMP Minecraft server amassed a great following during the COVID-19 pandemic, boosting their online presence as they exploded in popularity.

As such, the streamers have quintessential roles in the server, with both their characters at the center of many canonical events that have shaped their Minecraft journey. These include the famous L'Manberg arc, and George's subsequent kingship and dethronement.

Their real-life friendship mirrors the Minecraft camaraderie. As such, the video of the two meeting up for the first time back in October 2022 was a huge deal for fans, who were waiting to see them collaborate in real life. Here is how GeorgeNotFound expressed his emotions after meeting his long-time friend, a testament to how close the two content creators are.

On top of that, both of them have repeatedly hinted that there’s something more to their relationship than just being the best of friends. Here is a tweet dating back to 2020 where George claimed that he would be marrying his fellow Minecraft streamer the subsequent year.

Of course, such a thing did not come to pass, but the years of on-screen bromance paired with the IRL friendship has only increased fan speculation about a possible romantic relationship between the two. Many die-hard fans, who have been shipping the two of them for years, refused to believe what Dream had to say.

Many considered it reverse psychology, while others claimed that the post was an outright lie that someone in a relationship would write.

Some shared screenshots of Dream liking a post that insinuated that he was lying as proof of this hypothesis:

Here are a few more general reactions to the tweet, and most of them were quite skeptical:

A few thought that the reason he had posted it was that after the recent Squid Craft Games 2 that Sapnap won a few days ago, many in the Spanish Minecraft community might have thought that the two were dating.


Dream and GeorgeNotFound have massive fanbases that overlap quite a lot. As such, a huge number of people think that the two are dating as posts and YouTube videos such as the one above litter the internet.