"Got scammed for $200,000 for buying AI song": Adin Ross reveals getting scammed into buying supposed Ye-Travis Scott song

Adin Ross claims he was a victim of a $200,000 scam (Image via Adin Ross Live/YouTube)
Adin Ross claims he was a victim of a $200,000 scam (Image via Adin Ross Live/YouTube)

Popular Kick streamer Adin Ross is going viral after claiming that he was scammed out of $200,000 some time ago when he purchased a song online that was supposedly an unreleased song by Ye (formerly Kanye West) and Travis Scott. However, as the content creator says, the song is probably not authentic and is an AI recreation.

This means Adin Ross basically paid $200K for nothing, and fans have had various reactions to the news. During a recent IRL stream, Adin told his audience what he had done and called himself an idiot, saying:

"So, I paid, uh, $200,000 for an unreleased song. It was AI. I got scammed for $200,000 for buying an AI song. Y'all want to hear it? Listen how AI this is, listen chat. I bought the AI version of the song, I'm an idiot!"

After playing it for some time, however, the Kick streamer looked unsure whether the song was actually a fake and said:

"Wait, is that AI or is that real?"

"Does he wanna buy another song?": Social media trolls Adin Ross for getting scammed into buying a $200,000 song made by AI

Adin Ross then went on to explain in detail how the scam occurred. Turns out he heard a snippet of the song online, with some individual claiming that he would sell him the tune for $200,000.

The streamer revealed:

"I one time spent $200,000 on an unreleased song, a leaked song. A snippet I heard online and then this guy hit me up and played it. And he was like, 'I can get you that sh*t. Hit me up, $200,000.' I was like, 'What? Why is it so expensive?'"

The popular streamer, who recently gave away $100,000 to fellow creative Fousey, played the snippet that got him to buy the AI song:

"Here is an actual snippet of the song."

After playing a snippet, Adin Ross then explained that it was some time in the past and that he was a "young kid" who got excited when the man claimed that the song was made by Travis Scott and Ye:

"I bought that for $200,000. Mind you, I am a young kid, this is from years ago, I am a young kid. And I am like, 'F*ck! Travis, Ye?' I buy this."

Ross appeared to regret the purchase and described it as a scam. But as mentioned before, he still appeared conflicted about whether the song was AI generated or not. Regardless, fans took the opportunity to troll the Kick streamer as clips of the revelation were shared extensively on social media platforms such as X, formerly Twitter:

General reactions to the clip (image via X)
General reactions to the clip (image via X)

Adin Ross has steadily climbed to the top of the streaming industry and recently made headlines after claiming that he was outbid on his dream Miami mansion by none other than football superstar Lionel Messi.