"I got outbid": Kick streamer Adin Ross reveals Messi outbid him for a multi-million dollar mansion in Miami

Messi allegedly outbid Adin Ross for a mansion (Image via Rolling Stones, Business Insider)
Messi allegedly outbid Adin Ross for a mansion (Image via Rolling Stones, Business Insider)

A clip from Adin Ross's recent Kick stream has been going viral on social media, where the online personality has claimed that he was outbid by Lionel Messi on a multi-million dollar mansion in Miami, Florida. The controversial streamer is perhaps one of the most watched people on his platform, and while his exact contract details are not public information, Adin has been living the good life for a while now.

With popular popstars and rappers such as Drake as friends, it is not a stretch for him to be eyeing high-end mansions in and around Miami. However, it appears that his plans to buy a particular one were ruined when he was outbid by a "very, very famous professional athlete":

"I got outbidded [sic] with the house I wanted. I really wanted a house in Miami. So now I have to build my own house, 'cause it's impossible to find a house that I like. And I got outbidded [sic] by a very, very famous professional athlete, who is very rich."

While the Kick streamer was hesitant to say the name of the athlete in question, he ended up divulging it soon after the clip.

"The professional athlete is Messi": Adin Ross claims he was outbid on a Miami mansion by the world-famous football star

Initially, the content creator seemed reluctant to reveal any more information about the famous athlete who had supposedly outbid him for the multi-million dollar mansion. He even told his audience that he might reveal that information a few months down the line before talking about showing fans pictures of the house. Adin Ross had said:

"I want to show you guys the real house, but I feel that it is leaking and I can't. But I can maybe show you guys a picture. No, I am not going to do it. Months in time maybe I might do it. But, truth be told, I got outbidded [chat].

The streamer also explained that he lost the bidding because he couldn't get "there" in time:

"It's nothing about me being broke. I just couldn't get to there in time. I saw the house, but they were already in talks and all that, so."

However, moments later in the same stream, Adin Ross reveals the name of the player and claims that it was Lionel Messi who had outbid him for the Miami mansion. The Argentine legend's stint at Inter Miami FC has caught the eye of football fans from around the world, and as per the Kick streamer, Messi was apparently looking for another house for his family.

Adin Ross explained:

"The professional athlete is Messi. Messi's parents, I think it was? I believe it was his grandparents, or I don't know who the f*ck it was. Messi, they wanted a crib for their grand-children or some sh*t, they were playing a game. I don't even know, and they got it."

Here's how fans reacted to the news of the streamer getting outbid by the legendary footballer.

Fans had a varied reaction to the clip (Image via X)
Fans had a varied reaction to the clip (Image via X)

In other news, Adin Ross has recently been calling out his fellow Kick streamer N3on, having publicly gone on record asking him to leave his girlfriend Samantha Frank.