"It's not a loan" - Adin Ross generously donates $100,000 to Fousey to help streamer's financial difficulties

Adin Ross generously donates $100,000 to Fousey (Image via Legend/YouTube)
Adin Ross generously donates $100,000 to Fousey (Image via Legend/YouTube)

On November 6, 2023, Yousef "Fousey" made his first public appearance after a several-month hiatus on Adin Ross' livestream. During their conversation, Fousey opened up about his financial situation, claiming that he was "dead broke" and had $20,000 in his bank account. The 33-year-old also stated that he hoped to use his situation to inspire fans.

In response, Adin Ross generously donated $100,000 to the Fremont native to assist him with his financial difficulties. He said:

"I have to tell you something. I got you a gift. It's not in person. But, I'm telling you man-to-man and I think you'd appreciate it. Should I tell it right now? Do you want to know? It's not physical. It's straight-up just... do you want to know? I know about your financial troubles, Nadeem was telling me about it. I'm going to give you; it's not a loan, you're not paying me back, I'm giving you $100,000."

Adin Ross added:

"$100,000 - you don't have to... no recoup, nothing. That's just you. Because I know what you went through, and he was telling me a lot of the money that you were going into was for your health. And, $100,000, it'll help you put yourself back up."

"I was about to drive Uber" - Fousey opens up about his financial struggles

Earlier today, Adin Ross invited Fousey to join him on a trip to Australia next month to meet Kick co-founder Ed Craven. The vlogger was overjoyed to hear this and delivered a message to the platform's executive, saying:

"Hey, Eddie! Look at my grind, dog! I'm still missing two teeth. I'm about to go and get all my veneers done. I'm still missing two teeth, dog! My mama's so mad at me. Eddie, look... what man do you know - look, you can't see my top lip! I didn't even go get lined up at the barbershop, dog!"

Timestamp: 02:30

At this point, Fousey stated that he wanted to inspire fans and opened up about his financial struggles. He said:

"Can I tell you something? I want to inspire people by this. Before I sign this contract, I'm dead broke. I have $20,000 left in my bank account. And, that's why this contract is about to change my life. Like, really help me. So, I appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart. Like, I was at my last wits end. I was about to drive Uber."

Fans react to Adin Ross' $100,000 donation to Fousey

The streamers' clip has received significant traction on X (formerly Twitter), with numerous netizens sharing their thoughts. Here's a snapshot of some pertinent reactions:

Fans react to the streamers' clip (Image via scubaryan_/X)
Fans react to the streamers' clip (Image via scubaryan_/X)

Several fans praised Adin Ross' philanthropic effort. Others, meanwhile, were looking forward to tuning into Fousey's comeback livestream.