"Great suggestion, Rae!" - Ludwig reacts as Valkyrae donates $15,000 during Subathon 2.0, tells him to get a permanent Twitch logo tattoo

Valkyrae donated $15,000 during Ludwig
Valkyrae donated $15,000 during Ludwig's Subathon 2.0 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Towards the end of Ludwig's grand Subathon 2.0 event on November 21, 2022, fellow YouTube Gaming star Rachell "Valkyrae" surprised Ludwig by donating a whopping $15,000. She also asked him to get a permanent tattoo of the Twitch logo. Ludwig was perplexed by the idea and sarcastically stated that it was a "great suggestion."

After raising more than $300,000 during the 50-hour broadcast, his initial reaction upon seeing Valkyrae's request was:

"All right, I believe Valkyrae and her viewers came up with her final suggestion. They're at $15,000 total. They came up with a suggestion of a Twitch logo. You're on YouTube, bro! You literally... you know... great suggestion, Rae! It's a great suggestion! Love it, what you're doing over there, on YouTube.com."

Ludwig raises $300k during Subathon 2.0, Valkyrae donates $15k and suggests he get a permanent Twitch logo tattoo

As Subathon 2.0 came to a close, Ludwig set a new goal of raising $300,000 for the organizations No Kid Hungry and Alveus Sanctuary. He stated that he would get a permanent tattoo after reaching that milestone.

At the nine-hour mark, Ludwig's associates noticed that Valkyrae had donated $5,000, for a total of $15,000. As a result, the event crossed the $300,000 mark. Professional chessboxer Matt Thomas was taken aback by the contribution and stated:

"No way! Oh, she changed it to the Twitch logo! $5,000, $15,000 total, to have a Twitch logo!"

Timestamp: 09:35:35

After receiving four tattoo suggestions from other donors, the YouTuber decided to host a poll to determine which tattoo he would get. The community voted for Ludwig to either get a Twitch logo tattoo or a tattoo of his kitten named Coots.

A minute before Subathon 2.0 ended, the 27-year-old clarified that he would be getting a tattoo that would feature both the Twitch logo and Coots:

"But we're done and to make it fair, I will get a tattoo that includes both Coots and a small Twitch logo. Small Twitch logo, that's fair. We'll make it cute. Maybe Coots looking at Twitch logo. Or taking a s**t on one, we'll see. I'll keep it respectful."

Valkyrae's final push helps Ludwig reach his target

Valkyrae kept a close eye on what was going on in Ludwig's Subathon 2.0 during her November 21 broadcast. Although she had already donated $10,000, she decided to contribute an additional $5,000 at the three-hour mark so that Ludwig could get a Twitch logo tattoo. She stated:

"All right, I'm re-donating. Making sure I'm not leaking anything. And complete purchase! Okay, I donated 5k."

Timestamp: 03:29:27

Valkyrae expressed concern a few minutes later, wondering if YouTube Gaming would be "mad" at her:

"I wonder if YouTube's going to get mad at me. I'm a little worried."

Fans react to the streamer raising $300k during Subathon 2.0

The clip featuring the former Twitch streamer raising more than $300,000 during Subathon 2.0 was shared on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Here's what the online community had to say:

Based on all of the reactions and donations, Subathon 2.0 was a major success, as the VOD (Video on Demand) for the event received over 792k views, with more than 280 community members commenting.