"Coming soon" - Ludwig officially announces Subathon 2.0

Ludwig will be hosting Subathon 2.0 in November 2022 (Image via Ludwig/Twitter)
Ludwig will be hosting Subathon 2.0 in November 2022 (Image via Ludwig/Twitter)

YouTube Gaming star Ludwig caught the streaming community by surprise by officially announcing the second iteration of his subathon livestream. Ludwig took to Twitter on October 30 to reveal that he would be hosting the Subathon 2.0 live from DreamHack in Atlanta.

The announcement also stated that the subathon would be 50 hours long and that the special event would commence on November 18 and conclude on 20. His tweet said:

"Coming soon."

Ludwig talks about Subathon 2.0 on livestream

At the 01:52 mark of his October 31 broadcast, Ludwig provided details about the upcoming Subathon 2.0. He began the revelation by playing dramatic music and said:

"I have a question to start this off. When did you first start watching me? Spam it in chat right now. What was the first thing that made you start watching me? Interesting. Well, in my mind, there's one thing that I've done that is been seen by more people than anything else! The thing that became a news story across the world for just one month. The Subathon!"

The former Twitch streamer disclosed that he would be hosting Subathon 2.0 "inside a glass box" for 50 hours:

"It for years, I've been wondering on how to do it again. And I'm happy to announce, for 50 hours, I will be doing an entire Subathon inside of a glass box."

Timestamp: 01:52:47

Ludwig added that he did not wish to "extract money" from his viewers by hosting a regular uncapped subathon since he has "already hit the heights of the subathon." He said:

"Basically, I've been wondering for a long time about how to do another subathon. But I don't want to just extract money out of my viewers for an uncapped amount of time that repeats things that we've already done. We've already hit the heights of subathon and it got to 283,000 subscribers. It was great, yada, yada, yada. But how can I do something for charity that also combines the aspect of the subathon, which is living live, while including things that make the content better overall."

The 27-year-old content creator claimed to have concluded by putting himself in a glass box and "live out a murderous Trueman Show:"

"So I came to the conclusion that I could put myself inside of a glass box. Rig it with a bunch of cameras and every time I raise a certain amount of money for charity, I will allow the stream to torture me in a variety of ways. Living out a murderous Trueman Show. David Blaine-esq. Where the more money you give, the more time I'll spend in the box and the more torture devices I will live through."

Ludwig stated that every aspect of his life would be caught on camera "from a variety of angles" and that he would be like a "zoo animal" that the public could have a way with:

"Every aspect of my life caught on camera from a variety of angles, with the exception of p*ssing and s***ting. Where I will be a zoo animal that the public can have a way with."

Some viewers asked why Ludwig had capped the event to 50 hours. The streamer voiced his "vision," explaining that Subathon 2.0 will be an in-person broadcast:

"Because all of this will be done in-person. Here's my vision. This is what I thought of one day. I was like, 'It would be cool to be trapped in a glass box and then be a zoo animal exhibit that people can interact with, by donating money to charity to make my life a living hell. But to make it even more visceral experience, it would be cool if people could go up to the box, tap on the glass, f**k with me in-person.'"

Ludwig stated that the in-person subathon will be hosted at DreamHack Atlanta and said:

"So I decided to partner with DreamHack Atlanta, one of the biggest LAN events in all of America, and I will be inside the glass box, live at DreamHack Atlanta and anybody at the event can come right up to the cage to make the zoo animation dance."

The Los Angeles-based content creator revealed which charities he will support through the 50-hour livestream:

"And all the money that will be raised for this charity, 50 hours stream, will be split across No Kid Hungry. One of my favorite charities to work with. And Alveus Sanctuary. Because if I'm going to live a life of a zoo animal, well then, I should probably support the lives of zoo animals everywhere."

Fans react to Ludwig's Subathon 2.0 announcement

Ludwig's announcement for Subathon 2.0 went viral on Twitter, as over 39,000 fans liked it, and more than 400 community members joined the conversation thread. Here's what they had to say:

Ludwig hosted his first-ever subathon in April 2021. The event was a massive hit as he managed to dethrone Fortnite legend Tyler "Ninja" and became the most subscribed streamer on the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform.

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