"Hasan's deal isn't very good": xQc reacts to Trainwreckstv's comments about Twitch paying streamers like HasanAbi more than others

xQc comes to HasanAbi
xQc comes to HasanAbi's defense after Trainwreckstv's claim (Image via Sportskeeda)

Felix "xQc" has reacted to a viral clip featuring gambling streamer Trainwreckstv. The latter's comments about HasanAbi and Pokimane became the talk of the town after Kai Cenat's stream last night.

Tyler "Trainwreckstv" is strongly against Twitch's recent anti-gambling policies and has hinted at creating an alternative streaming platform in the recent past. While talking to Adin Ross and Kai Cenat last night, he insinuated that certain streamers get preferential treatment from the purple platform in the form of better monetary compensation.

xQc, however, reacted to the clip by saying Tyler was not correct in his claim concerning Hasan. Here's what he said:

"I don't want to be on Hasan's side either, but Hasan's deal isn't very good."

xQc says HasanAbi's Twitch deal isn't as lucrative as Trainwreckstv thinks

A clip from popular Just Chatting streamer Kai Cenat's livestream went viral after Trainwreckstv indicated that HasanAbi and Pokimane get preferential treatment. The gambling content creator bluntly stated that he and others should leave Twitch if they are not treated right, saying:

“They’re only going to take care of streamers like Hasan and Pokimane, right? So you need to do turn around, ‘like Nah, f*ck you, we’re bigger than both of them times f*cking 10, and we have communities much more loyal. So either take care of us like that, or we’re f*cking dipping.'"

He also told Adin and Kai that he knew "for a fact" that streamers such as Pokimane and HasanAbi, whom he described as having fewer viewers than them, have better contracts.

While reacting to the clip, xQc offered some information that contradicted Train's claims, saying:

"I swear to you guys, I'm not against Train, I'm not against Trian, okay? I'm gonna be honest chat, okay? After thorough analysis, I don't want to be on Hasan's side either, but Hasan's deal isn't very good."

Timestamp 1:04:58

xQc went on to explain that while Hasan's deal wasn't bad, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Repeatedly making a gesture that represents having the mind blown, he made sure chat knew that the political streamer's contract wasn't super special. He went on to express his respect for HasanAbi since the latter runs fewer ads and still makes things work. xQc said:

"Guys, I respect it though, because Hasan has a lower density of ads, and I don't know how he did it. I don't think he has a contract like you'd think he'd have."

When the chat asked him why he was defending Hasan, xQc said that he doesn't want the Turkish streamer to be on the receiving end of claims that aren't true:

"I don't want people to throw sh*t at Hasan, right? Because people think, 'Oh, he's making like 20 million, 30 million.' He's gonna get a lot of sh*t for that. But that's not how it is, that's not how it is. I'm telling you right now, that's not how it is."

Social media reacts to xQc's take

With xQc refuting Trainwreckstv, the streaming world immediately sniffed out the clip, and r/livestreamfail started buzzing about the former Overwatch pro's comments. Here are some of the reactions:

Here are a few Redditors speculating about how much streamers, such as HasanAbi, Pokimane, and Trainwreckstv, make from streaming. A couple of people also brought up Twitch's gambling ban as a reason for the Train's recent attacks:

xQc and HasanAbi have had several differences in the past, with multiple online feuds happening this year alone. However, they have resolved their issues, as is evident from the Overwatch pro's defense of HasanAbi.

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