Honkai Star Rail teases upcoming character Luka and PS5 update at SGF 2023

A screenshot of the Summer Game Fest 2023 trailer featuring Luka
A screenshot of the Summer Game Fest 2023 trailer featuring Luka (Image via HoYoverse)

The Summer Game Fest 2023 (SGF 2023) has teased Honkai Star Rail's Luka as being playable and a PlayStation 5 port arriving by the end of this year. The trailer detailing the information is only a minute and 35 seconds long, yet some players might have missed it during the SGF 2023 event. This trailer confirms Honkai Star Rail will be available on the PS5 in Q4 2023.

However, no specific date or time has been listed. This means the game's port could arrive anytime between October 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023. The next section of this article shows the trailer in question, revealing some of Luka's combat prowess.

Honkai Star Rail reveals Luka, a 4-star Nihility character at SGF 2023, along with a PS5 update


The trailer at the SGF 2023 started with Silver Wolf, who became recently playable in Honkai Star Rail 1.1, sharing a monologue before the camera takes wide shots of the game's several cities. Yukong is then shown performing attacks before Luka is officially revealed in the Fight Club training for an upcoming bout.

All that is known about Luka is that he is a 4-star Physical unit of The Nihility Path and often uses his fists during combat. However, no release date has been released for the character yet.

Meanwhile, Silver Wolf teased a PS5 port at the end of the trailer before gamers eventually saw a message stating:


It is worth noting that Yukong has already been confirmed to be featured on a banner from June 28 to July 18, 2023. She is a 4-star Imaginary character accompanying Luoccha, Pela, and Qingque on the Event Warp.

Other Honkai Star Rail news

Note: The video featured in the above Tweet is identical to the one shown at SGF 2023.

Honkai Star Rail was first released on Windows, iOS, and Android on April 26, 2023. The aforementioned PS5 port is confirmed to come in Q4 2023, although there is no news on when the PS4 port will launch. HoYoverse did not state if the PS4 port shares the same release period as its PS5 counterpart. No credible leaks or official sources have indicated the date either.

Honkai Star Rail 1.1 was recently released on June 7, 2023. Silver Wolf, Lucchoa, and Yukong are all playable characters debuting in this version update, with the former being available upon its release. The patch also brings forth the History and Culture Museum in Belobog, along with the following events:

  • Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities
  • Garden of Plenty
  • Gift of Odyssey
  • Lab Assistants in Position
  • Planar Fissure
  • Starhunt Game
  • Stellar Flare

That's all the news shared during the SGF 2023 about the game's recent update, its trailer for Luka, and information on the upcoming PS5 port.

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