How do get the Twitch Glitch pet in Among Us

(Image Credit: Innersloth/Twitch)
(Image Credit: Innersloth/Twitch)
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Twitch and Among Us are having their very own crossover event from now to December 18th, during which players can get the Twitch logo as their pet in Among Us.

Activating this pet is fairly easy, players just have to watch one of the Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown shows between December 4th and December 18th. Once a Twitch account has been watching one of these shows long enough, roughly 30 minutes, they can claim the associated Twitch Drop and link their Twitch account to Among Us.

Twitch Rivals Among Us event

The Twitch Rivals crossover event can be watched at the channel, with the full schedule available at The scheduled events include Among Us Twitch streamers all over the world, including Brazil, Spain, Korea, and more.

Once the Among Us Twitch Glitch pet has been claimed on Twitch, players will need to open Among Us and go to the Data page in their game settings. Click on the Twitch logo and a Twitch login page should open in the web browser. Log in to the Twitch browser and return to Among Us after. If done correctly, Among Us should show a “success” page.

(Image Credit: Innersloth) This will be shown once successfully linked.
(Image Credit: Innersloth) This will be shown once successfully linked.

How Among Us became a part of Twitch

Among Us has certainly found a home on Twitch, with streamers eager to adopt the game thanks to its ease of use and the ability to play with friends and other streamers to increase the overall audience pool. Over the last few months, Among Us has been directly responsible for helping the Twitch community find smaller streamers and helping smaller streamers establish themselves.

A while ago, almost all of the fastest-growing Twitch streamers were part of a large and well known Among Us playgroup. Although the Season of Among Us seems to have passed on Twitch, dedicated Among Us streamers are still finding success within the niche. Although Among Us doesn’t lead to automatic growth anymore, it has created its own niche that is still eager to be filled.

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