How to obtain Loretta’s Greatbow in Elden Ring, the spell that fires a great arrow

Obtaining Loretta’s Greatbow in Elden Ring (images via Elden Ring)
Obtaining Loretta’s Greatbow in Elden Ring (images via Elden Ring)

There exists a vast range of Sorceries and Incantations in Elden Ring that the Tarnished can employ to progress in the game. With the variety that FromSoftware offers with their latest RPG, there is indeed so much that players can do when it comes to their build. Players have versatile options when discovering some of the more difficult areas in the Lands Between.

One such sorcery that mage players have been enjoying is Loretta’s Greatbow. The spell requires 26 Intelligence and allows the Tarnished to materialize a magical great bow. It fires a lethal magic arrow that deals a great deal of damage to single targets.

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While it does take a significant amount of FP to use, the spell is quite flashy and has become a staple in the arsenal of many sorcerors in the game.

However, players are finding the spell quite hard to come by. Hopefully, today’s guide will help those who are still struggling to obtain it.

Obtaining Loretta’s Greatbow in Elden Ring


Loretta’s greatbow sorcery is not something that players will be able to get very early on in the game. They will need to at least discover the Liurnia of the Lakes and then proceed to beat the boss of a Legacy Dungeon to be able to get their hands on it.

Hence, to be able to obtain Loretta’s greatbow, the Elden Ring Tarnished will first need to,

  • Discover Liurnia of the Lakes, which one will be able to do in two specific ways. Players can either go around Stormveil Castle and head to the new region present towards the north or go through the Legacy Dungeon and gain access to the area after defeating the Godrick, the Grafted, who is one of the initial primary bosses in the game.
  • After reaching Liurnia of the Lakes, the Elden Ring Tarnished will be required to head north on the Eastern landmass of the area till they get the Caria Manor which is indeed a pretty hard place to explore early on in the game. The dungeon has annoying hand enemies that stagger lock players to death, and it’s advised that the Tarnished only look to explore this area if they have invested a great deal of Runes in leveling their primary stats.
  • After exploring the area and platforming over towers, taking down giant hand enemies, a golem, and Selia sorcerors, players will eventually reach the boss of the area, Royal Knight Loretta. There will be an arena with many chairs arranged in a circle, where the boss fight will take place.
  • Royal Knight Loretta can be a tough fight based on the type of build the players are looking for in Elden Ring. While her attacks are a bit telegraphed, what should concern players is the amount of damage that she puts out. Loretta hits hard and can chunk the player’s health bar out in seconds. A good summon can make things significantly easier in this fight.
  • After defeating Royal Knight Loretta, the Elden Ring Tarnished will automatically be rewarded with Loretta’s Greatbow spell.

One great thing about the spell is that it can be charged. By holding onto the spell, the arrow and bow will flash, signifying that the spell will now have increased damage.

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