How to obtain the Glintstone Icecrag in Elden Ring, the spell that fires a cold mass made of glintstone

Obtaining the Glintstone Icecrag sorcery in Elden Ring (Images via Elden Ring)
Obtaining the Glintstone Icecrag sorcery in Elden Ring (Images via Elden Ring)

There are some amazing and incredibly fun sorceries that the Tarnished can play around with in Elden Ring. While most of them might not be very effective in combat, some are indeed quite cool to look at and have some amazing attack animations for players to enjoy.

One incredibly effective and extremely powerful sorcery in the game is the Glintstone Icecrag, which requires 15 Intelligence to use. The spell is quite effective from the close-to-mid range mark and allows the Tarnished to throw a cold mass made of glintstone at the enemy.

The projectile does a great chunk of damage and scales extremely well with Intelligence, and will also build up the Frostbite status effect on enemies, after which they will inflict 20% more damage to them and slow their recovery speed.

The spell is incredibly useful for both PvE and PvP, and can make quick work of some of the hardest encounters in the game.

So how can players get their hands on the Glinstone Icecrag sorcery in Elden Ring?

Obtaining the Glintstone Icecrag sorcery in Elden Ring

The Glintstone Icecrag sorcery is something that players will not be able to come across early on in the game, and will first have to invest a bit of time in progressing Elden Ring’s narrative.


The item is received from Preceptor Seluvis at Seluvis’ Rise in Liurnia of the Lakes, and the Tarnished must start Ranni, the Witch’s quest and invest a good deal of time in completing it before obtaining the sorcery even becomes an option.

Hence, to be able to get their hands on the Glintstone Icecrag, the Elden Ring Tarnished will be required to:

  • Make their way to Caria Manor to the north of Liurnia of the Lakes. There, players will be required to meet Ranni, the Witch in Ranni’s Rise, and begin her quest line which will first take them to Redmane Castle in Caelid to defeat Radahn, the Starscourge. After speaking to Ranni, players will be able to talk to Preceptor Seluvis (in non apparition form) at Seluvis’ Rise.
  • The sorcerer will ask the Tarnished to deliver a potion to Nepheli Loux, which is the only task that the NPC will provide players with before opening his shop to them. However, the Tarnished does not need to deliver it to Nepheli Loux for the quest to be completed.
  • Players can either go to the Roundtable Hold and provide her with the potion, or speak with Gideon Ofnir and have him dispose of it, or they can just keep to the late game point, and just give it to the Dung Eater.
  • After picking any of the options and going back to Seluvis, the Elden Ring Tarnished will see that the quest has automatically completed for them. He will then allow players access to his shop, and they will be able to purchase the Glintstone Icecrag from him for 7,500 runes.
  • Alternately, player can also complete Ranni’s quest in its entirety, as it will result in Seluvis’ death. On his corpse in the Rise, the Tarnished will find his bell bearings, which they can take to the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold and they'll provide players with the option to buy all of his sorceries.

THe Glinstone Icecrag sorcery is considered to be one of the most versatile spells in the game. It scales extremely well with intelligence, and is highly sought after by those who are making a mage build around Frostbite.