"I deserved it" - Tyler1 comments on being silenced for 1812 days from Overwatch 2's in-game chat

Tyler1 realizes he
Tyler1 realizes he's been silenced for approximately five years in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

On October 13, Twitch sensation Tyler "Tyler1" surprised the gaming and streaming community by hosting a sponsored Overwatch 2 stream.

As the streamer analyzed his gameplay stats, he opened the chat box and realized that he had been silenced for 1812 days. The in-game message read:

"You have been silenced for 1812 days due to multiple reports of abusive chat from other players."

Tyler was initially taken aback upon reading the notification. However, he followed up by saying that he "deserved" the suspension:

"I'm still silenced. You guys can't see. I'm still silenced. That's fine. I deserved it. I deserved that."

Tyler1 explains why he was silenced for 1812 days from Overwatch 2's in-game chat

Tyler provided context regarding the unusually long suspension at the 02:55 mark of his livestream. He recalled a period when he was indefinitely banned from playing and streaming League of Legends and turned to playing Overwatch instead. He said:

"Let me explain the story. I probably shouldn't say it... it's sponsored. But if you guys are new, so, when I got indefinitely banned from League of Legends, and again, I'm reformed, I moved to Overwatch. I used to stream Overwatch.

The Twitch star mentioned that he used to rage at other players, and it was the "typical T1 flame":

"So when I was streaming Overwatch, I was saying some things. It's not like bad, nothing racist, nothing like that. No slurs, nothing like that. But it was just like, the typical T1 flame."

(Timestamp: 02:55:10)

In response to Tyler1's antics, Blizzard Entertainment issued a 10-year chat ban on all Overwatch accounts he created:

"So Blizzard, in precaution, because they didn't want me to ruin the game, they instantly 10-year indefinitely muted all my account plus any other account I made. So I bought a new copy of the game, and before I even signed into the account, it was muted.

Tyler1 then emphasized that he had changed his ways and that he was now the "face of Twitch and gaming":

"But since then, I've reformed. I've gotten unbanned from League. I have trademarked myself. I'm the face of Twitch and gaming. But I think they just forgot to unmute. So that's why I'm muted. This was during beta. Holy c*ap, that was a long time ago. This game came out six years ago!"

Fans react to the streamer getting muted in Overwatch 2

Tyler1's clip was the top post on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, and the discussion thread amassed more than 290 fan reactions. Redditor u/natakial2 did the math and commented that the streamer would be unable to use the in-game chat for five years:

Another Redditor claimed that Tyler was "truly built different":

Here are some more relevant fan reactions:

Tyler1 is one of the biggest content creators on the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform. He currently has more than five million followers and 9,224 active subscribers on his Twitch channel.

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