"I don’t care" - Tyler1 rage quits Overwatch 2, says he won’t play the game 'until Zarya is nerfed'

Tyler1 rage quits Overwatch 2 and explains why (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tyler1 rage quits Overwatch 2 and explains why (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch sensation Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp recently expressed his frustration at Overwatch 2 as he ended up rage quitting the hero-based shooter.

In an Overwatch 2 livestream on October 28, 2022, Tyler1's team got heavily outplayed by the opposing squad while attacking the objective on the King's Row map.

When this happened, the streamer decided to leave the competitive game, claiming that he "really couldn't play" and that he "didn't care anymore." He exclaimed:

"I really can't play. I'm just going to leave. I don't care. I'm not playing, I don't care. I'm not playing that until she's (Zarya) is nerfed! I don't care. Demote me, play my games. Whatever. It's garbage. They're r*tarded!"

Tyler1 explains why he rage quit Overwatch 2, claims Blizzard Entertainment's game "is going to die again"

At the four-hour mark of the October 28 livestream, Tyler1 was seen playing as Soldier76 and tried his best to attack the objective on the King's Row map. However, as he attempted to approach the opposing squad, the streamer was outplayed by the opposing Zarya and died instantly.

The Missouri native then quit the game, despite a warning message informing him of the penalties that could be applied to his account. He claimed that he could not play the game, adding that he would not do so "until Zayra was nerfed."

Timestamp: 04:17:44

Tyler1 suggested that he would be watching the replay of the game and claimed that Blizzard Entertainment's title "is going to die again":

"We're going to watch the replay after that, just like to show, but like, Blizzard, your game's going to die again and you deserve it, by the way. You deserve it for coming out with Overwatch '2,' emphasis on the 'two' part, right? Than making a game that terrible. Like, changing s**t for the worst that bad. F***ing disgusting! Waste of my f***ing time!"

He went on a long rant, stating that every Zarya player that he encountered was either "overperforming" or might have been getting "lucky" against him:

"No dude, I'm bad at the game. Yes, I'm bad! I'm a bad player, playing against Zarya for five games in a row. Everybody else is f***ing bad as well! Every other player; we all suck. We all 10 of us s**k! So why is that every Zarya that s**ks, they're equally as s***ty as me has 15,000 damage, 15,000 mitigated, and 30 kills, two deaths. Every single one, all different players.
"Are they just smurfs? Are they just like, overperforming one game? Maybe they're overperforming. Maybe they're getting lucky! Maybe they all have really good games against me."

The rant concluded with the Twitch star asserting:

"No bro! It is the f***ing character! 'You're just as likely to have a Zarya on your team though.'But I don't and I'd imagine people pick it more because we're stream sniped a lot and they hear be b***hing about it. But whatever dude, it's disgusting!"

Fans react as Tyler1 rage quits Overwatch 2

The comments section under a YouTube clip of the incident featured a handful of fan reactions, with one user agreeing that Zarya was "unbalanced."

Another community member claimed that Tyler1 once again played Overwatch 2 after the incident. They alleged that he played as Bastion:

Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer rage quitting the game (Image via Daily Tyler1 Clips/YouTube)
Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer rage quitting the game (Image via Daily Tyler1 Clips/YouTube)

Tyler1 is one of the most prominent Twitch streamers right now and is primarily known for being a League of Legends content creator.

He started his online career in 2016 and has since gone on to amass more than five million followers on his Twitch channel.

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