"I got a gift from Jr." - IShowSpeed gets a Ronaldo-signed jersey, shows it off on stream

IShowSpeed shows off a game-worn Christiano Ronaldo-signed jersey (Image via SpeedUpdates1/Twitter)
IShowSpeed shows off a game-worn Christiano Ronaldo-signed jersey (Image via SpeedUpdates1/Twitter)

During a recent livestream, YouTube Gaming sensation Darren "IShowSpeed" revealed that he received a special gift from Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Before showcasing the gift to viewers, IShowSpeed expressed gratitude to Ronaldo Jr. and soon disclosed that he received a game-worn Cristiano Ronaldo-signed jersey. The streamer stated:

"I forgot! So, no! Wait, wait, wait! I see it. So guys, yesterday I got a gift from Jr. Jr. Ronaldo, okay? This is not like, roast s**t. I already did my crazy reaction in front of Jr., you know? I love you, Jr., bro. Hey Jr., if you're watching this stream, Jr., I love you. Okay. I love you so much. Like, you actually made my day. Jr., I love you so much, bro!"

IShowSpeed tries out the game-worn Ronaldo-signed jersey on livestream

After graciously thanking him for the gift, Darren finally revealed what Ronaldo Jr. had sent him. He then unfolded the cloth, revealing a football jersey signed by Cristiano Ronaldo. The former Twitch streamer exclaimed:

"Like, I promise you hand-to-hand, Jr., you made my freaking day. This is what Jr. gifted me. A signed Ronaldo shirt that Ronaldo played a game in! God d*mn! Let's go! A signed Ronaldo shirt! That he played in! He played in this!"

The YouTuber assured viewers that the collectible was genuine and that Ronaldo's son had gifted him. He continued further by saying:

"Oh my goodness, bro! Like, how can I; yo chat like, look, how can I show proof, bro?! This is a sign! Link it? Bro, chat, it's real! Ronaldo gave me this. Look! I mean, not Ronaldo, Jr. gave me this, bro! Jr. literally freaking gave me this. I swear on my life, chat! Ronaldo wore this in the game."

IShowspeed tried on the game-worn jersey and estimated it to be worth at least $10,000.

"One step away from meeting CR7": Fans react as the streamer shows off a Ronaldo-signed jersey

IShowSpeed's streaming moment went viral on Twitter, as the conversation thread attracted more than 114 fan reactions. Twitter user @ateabaag stated that Darren was "one step away" from meeting Christiano Ronaldo:

Another community member commented, suggesting that IShowSpeed and Twitch star Adin Ross are "living the life":

One user speculated that the match-worn jersey is surely worth more than $10,000:

Twitter user @lfcwuis replied, stating that the rare collectible is worth at least £30,000:

Here are some more relevant fan reactions:

Darren is a big Christiano Rolando fan, and his quest to meet the football legend is still ongoing. On November 11, the streamer revealed he was on his way to meet Ronaldo at Old Trafford.

Sadly, IShowSpeed was unable to meet his idol. However, he was able to connect with former Manchester United footballer Paddy Crerand and hosted a FaceTime call with Rio Ferdinand.