"I don't like that": Pokimane ends stream after Jidionpremium's fans spam her Twitch chat and bother her viewers

Pokimane ends her stream following blatant harassment from Twitch streamer Jidionpremium's chat (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pokimane ends her stream following blatant harassment from Twitch streamer Jidionpremium's chat (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Popular Twitch streamer Imane "Pokimane" Anys abruptly ended her stream today after fellow content creator JiDion "Jidionpremium" Adams' fans spammed her chat and pestered her viewers.

Jidionpremium's fans caused mayhem in Pokimane's Twitch chat as they harassed her viewers by whispering to them. In the end, things got so out of hand that the OfflineTV member decided to call it quits for the day and ended the stream.

"I think I'm gonna end stream because as much as I can deal with this, I don't like that people from his stream are whispering people on my stream."

Jidionpremium's chat takes over Pokimane's chat to cause trouble for her viewers

Jidionpremium recently became a verified streamer on Twitch and during his first stream following the verification, he realized that he made more concurrent viewers on the platform than Poki.

I’m officially a twitcher now🥷

However, things took a turn when Jidionpremium later asked his fans to send troll messages like L+Ratio on Poki's chat.

"Everbody say L+Ratio."

Pokimane, who was playing Valorant with her friends on stream at the time, didn't mind the comments at first as she thought they were bot accounts.

"You think that's another streamer or bots? "

However, later on, it badly started to affect the stream to the point where her viewers were targeted by Jidionpremium's community using whispers. Eventually, this caused the 'Twitch queen' to end her stream as she didn't want her viewers to be subjected to harassment.

"I'll put up with the bulls**t, but I don't want you guys to put up with bulls**t."

Pokimane later took to Twitter to voice her concerns about the troubles she and her fans had to face from Jidionpremium's community in a scathing tweet against the content creators who pushed her complaints off.

(Screenshot via Twitter/@pokimanelol)
(Screenshot via Twitter/@pokimanelol)

She also got support from her industry friends after taking a stand over all the hate she received.

(Screenshot via Twitter/@qtcinderella)
(Screenshot via Twitter/@qtcinderella)
(Screenshot via Twitter/@LilyPichu)
(Screenshot via Twitter/@LilyPichu)
(Screenshot via Twitter/@Susu_jpg)
(Screenshot via Twitter/@Susu_jpg)
(Screenshot via Twitter/@emmalangevin)
(Screenshot via Twitter/@emmalangevin)

But the harassment didn't stop there as the Moroccan-Canadian stream faced hell for her comments on the social media platform. This eventually caused her to go private on Twitter.

Meanwhile, after causing a mess of a situation with his trolling, Jidionpremium received a 14-day suspension, a day after he was verified on Twitch.

It’s bigger then black and white

It remains to be seen how this situation will play out as fans worry whether Pokimane will go on a hiatus from streaming after all the trolling she had to endure. However, it seems like Imane will be off the Internet for a while.

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