"I'll grab you by the ears...": BruceDropEmOff gets called out for threatening to kill a viewer on first Kick stream

New Kick signing BruceDropEmOff goess off on viewer, tells them to drink gasoline (Image via BruceDropEmOff/YouTube)
New Kick signing BruceDropEmOff goess off on viewer, tells them to drink gasoline (Image via BruceDropEmOff/YouTube)

Bruce "BruceDropEmOff" might have had a triumphant start to streaming on Kick, but the former Twitch streamer is facing backlash on social media after a clip of him threatening to kill a viewer who criticized his content started gaining traction. Bruce appeared to be seriously wishing harm on the viewer, going into some gruesome details while describing it.

The controversial streamer made his debut on Kick after he stopped streaming on Twitch a few weeks ago following a ban. While the move was hailed by fans and fellow creators such as Adin Ross as a welcome change, many have called him out for making statements like this on stream:

"I will grab you by your ears and literally swing you around until you get a concussion and die, ni**a."

"F*cking kill yourself": BruceDropEmOff told viewer to light themselves on fire on Kick stream

Bruce has been embroiled in controversy almost all year since his public spat with Mizkif and resignation from the content group One True King (OTK) in January. Their feud is still ongoing, as one of his first acts after moving to Kick a couple of days ago was to diss Mizkif for signing a contract with Rumble.

Now BruceDropEmOff is being criticized on social media after a clip of him threatening a viewer went viral on the streamer-focused subreddit r/LivestreamFail. The clip, which has over 2.4K views on Kick, starts with the streamer telling his audience member to drink gasoline and light themselves on fire:

"Literally, you can literally drink a whole gallon of gasoline and f*cking light a match and put it inside your ears and f*cking kill yourself."

For those wondering what prompted the Kick streamer to make such remarks, he read out the viewer's comment that seemed to have ticked him off. The viewer seemed to have criticized BruceDropEmOff's first stream on the Stake-owned platform. The streamer hit back by saying he had been streaming for seven hours:

"What do you mean, 'First day on, L content'? B*tch I've been live for seven hours. You ignorant little 13 year old f*ck!"

Redditors' reactions to the clip

Redditors of r/LivestreamFail were outraged at how the streamer had acted, with many sharing disapproving replies in the comments. Some were of the opinion that the viewer was correct in calling the streamer out for his content, as BruceDropEmOff had been allegedly restreaming entire movies on Kick:

Content moderation on Kick has been a hot topic of conversation among the streaming community, and while the upper management has promised to be more strict with the guidelines, a major incident always brought up by critics is when the Super Bowl was streamed live on the platform by many prominent streamers.

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