"I'mma put up $121k" - Drake wagers $121,000 against Kai Cenat in a NBA 2K game

Kai Cenat calls Drake during his November 10 livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Kai Cenat calls Drake during his November 10 livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)

On November 10, Twitch star Kai Cenat surprised the streaming and gaming community by collaborating with American rapper 21 Savage. At one point, Cenat connected with Canadian musician Drake, revealing that prominent Twitch streamers were betting on him and 21 Savage in an NBA 2K game.

After Kai Cenat mentioned that the highest bet was $21,000, Drake raised the stakes and wagered a mind-boggling $121,000 against him:

"How about this? This is my bet to you. I'mma put up $121k."

Drake makes a guest appearance on Kai Cenat's stream and bets $121,000 against him

Kai Cenat made a video call to Drake at the 02:47 minute mark, asking when the latter would join him on the livestream. The rapper replied:

"I've never really done a stream, unless it's gambling. So I don't know. We might have to set it up. Maybe 21 can set it up. I know where you're at. So I might pull up on you."

21 Savage proposed that the streamer host a Stake-affiliated broadcast. In response, Cenat stated that gambling-related content is no longer permitted on the purple platform.

The New York-native then set the stage for the broadcast and explained:

"Okay, we're about to play 2K. We have the whole stream. We have a whole bunch of streamers in here right now, that's pulling up top dollar! Against 21 or me."

Drake expressed an interest in betting and inquired about the highest wager. After Kai Cenat revealed that the maximum bet was $21,000, Drake upped the stakes to $121,000.

Timestamp: 02:47:15

The Grammy Award-winning musician set the conditions and said:

"If you win, I'll pay you $121k. But if 21 wins, then me and you have to do something for the kids. We have to figure out like, we just got to do something. We got to go and just get back, somehow."

Kai Cenat was all in and exclaimed joyfully:

"Let's do it! I'm with it! I'm with it, you feel what I'm saying? Just let me know, bro! You feel what I'm saying? I'm not going to lie. Let's do it! I swear to god, let's do it! It's time to give back! Why not?"

The discussion continued with Drake adding:

"Nah listen. Like I said, I'm a man of my word. So if you beat my brother, $121k, I'll bring it to you. If you lose, that means we got to do something major for the kids, somehow. We got to give back, bless the people."

Fans react to Drake betting $121,000 against Kai Cenat

The livestreaming moment was shared onto the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, with the reaction thread attracting more than 17 fan reactions. Here's what the Reddit community had to say:

On Twitter, esports personality Jake Lucky shared a screenshot of the livestream, revealing that more than 273,000 viewers were watching:

Some of the most relevant reactions from Twitter are shown below:

According to TwitchTracker, Cenat's November 10 broadcast dominated the livestreaming platform's stats for that day. During the five-hour-long broadcast, the streamer gained 37,176 followers and saw a peak viewership of 283,245 fans.