"I've been looking for a good excuse to fix slide canceling": Warzone director mentions game-changing mechanic

Call of Duty movement (Image via Activision)
Call of Duty movement (Image via Activision)
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Call of Duty Warzone's senior creative director, Ted Timmins, said that the developers might "fix" the slide canceling for the game's current iteration depending on a Twitter poll result.

On 2nd May, the popular Warzone news account @ModernWarzone posted a tweet, adding a poll, asking if fans want to see slide canceling in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

In that Tweet's reply, Ted Timmins said:

“If the slide cancelling vote comes back as a win for its removal and I can finally have an excuse to remove this exploitable accessibility ceiling, you can have mine.”
Creative director for Warzone @JustTeddii says that they may consider the results of this poll and discuss pros and cons of slide cancelling for the current iteration of Warzone. He’s been looking for a reason to “fix” it for nearly a year as it presents an accessibility issue.

In that reply, the Raven Software director also explained that slide canceling had been there for too long for its own good. This movement mechanism in the game creates a skill gap and sometimes makes the game a little bit unfair to new players.

The devs mentioned multiple times that what they give utmost priority to is the community's reaction. The vision for creating the Warzone in the first place was to bring various COD communities under one roof.

Ted Timmins further stated that if the community wants this mechanism gone, the developers will discuss its pros and cons and change things accordingly in future updates.

Pros and cons of slide canceling in Warzone


Despite starting as a movement glitch in Black Ops 4, slide canceling has become a part of the Call of Duty meta. Pro players have exploited this method for quick movements and turnarounds. It also helps them draw weapons real quick.

There isn’t any specific con for this mechanic, but it does create a huge skill gap between regular players and the new ones.

When this movement exploitation occurred in Call of Duty for the first time, it was a secret weapon against players who didn’t know how to use it.

According to some fans, this type of mechanism shouldn’t be in a game, which isn’t an official movement mechanic, but still, players use it to gain an unfair advantage over others.

@AccuracyLA Dudes knew about the slide cancel (an obvious unintended movement bug) since day 1 and rather than make it public to try to get it fixed, they kept it a secret to stay ahead

In 2020, Jordan Kaplan called out those who used slide canceling for the first time.

In a tweet, he said:

“Dudes knew about the slide cancel (an obvious unintended movement bug) since day 1 and rather than make it public to try to get it fixed, they kept it a secret to stay ahead.”

Slide canceling is a massive part of Call of Duty nowadays. While Activision has already announced Warzone 2, and they revealed the logo of Modern Warfare 2, they haven’t mentioned the release date or the reveal date yet.

There is no way to confirm if slide canceling would be a part of Call of Duty in the next era or not. At this point, there is not much to do except wait and watch for the said issue.

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