Ricochet now makes players invisible to cheaters in Warzone and Vanguard, bans over 50,000 accounts in a single wave

Ricochet anti-cheat (image via Activision)
Ricochet anti-cheat (image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard season 3 is live right now. While fans are getting excited about all the content they are going to experience this season, Ricochet has dropped a piece of massive news regarding the cheating situation in Call of Duty.

The new Ricochet anti-cheat update is now making players invisible to cheaters in Warzone and Vanguard. Moreover, in their latest press release, Ricochet also announced that they'd banned almost 54,000 players in a single ban wave.

With the anti-cheat is seeing advancements and getting updated daily, cheaters continue to try to circumvent its preventive measures. In their most recent progress report, #TeamRicochet released some significant updates concerning their latest measures to fight cheating in Call of Duty.

New anti-cheat measure in Warzone and Vanguard called Cloaking

Ricochet had initially rolled out this feature in Warzone as a test. During the test, players experienced something new. Cheaters were unable to see legitimate players after the anti-cheat software determined that they were cheating.

Ricochet claims that they have been trying different methods to easily identify cheaters in the game with their new mitigation spotlight and detection techniques.

The new measure that’s been spotted by the community is called Cloaking.

A previously released cheating-mitigation technique, Damage Shield, made legitimate players invincible if they got shot by a cheater. After the system identified a cheater, their bullets would stop dealing damage to players.

The new Cloaking measure works in a similar way. Instead of making players invincible in front of cheaters, this will make legitimate players invisible.

Ricochet is trying to employ unique ways to punish those who violate the rules of the game. In their anti-cheat progress report, they said,

"With Cloaking, players that are detected to be cheating can find themselves unable to see opposing players in the game world. Characters, bullets, even sound from legitimate players will be undetectable to cheaters. Legitimate players, however, can see cheaters impacted by cloaking and can dole out in-game punishment."

Recent ban update

In a recent ban update, it was officially mentioned that almost 54,000 accounts had been banned in a single wave. Last month, they banned 90,000 accounts. As per the report, these accounts will all be permanently removed from Warzone and Vanguard leaderboards.

The team also stated that their attitude with regarding is pretty serious and that though they may not publish reports daily, cheaters are indeed getting banned regularly.

While fans are pretty excited about season 3, Operation Monarch (Godzilla vs. Kong crossover), and all the new changes, the cheating problem in Warzone and Vanguard remains a serious one. And only time will tell if Ricochet’s new measures against cheaters are effective. That said, the recent ban wave is a clear indication that Activision is not taking the situation lightly.