What is in Warzone and Vanguard's 'Godzilla vs Kong' bundles? Legendary operators, weapon blueprints, prices and more

Godzilla and Kong operator skin in Warzone and Vanguard (Image via Activision)
Godzilla and Kong operator skin in Warzone and Vanguard (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard launched their Battle Pass trailer yesterday. With Season 3 on the horizon, fans are pretty excited about what Activision has to offer in this new season.

Cosmetics and new skins have always been an important part of Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard. Players do not necessarily have to buy cosmetics to gain an advantage over other players, but they do so to make themselves stand out from others. Users love what Activision releases in every seasonal update.

Fans are eagerly waiting for this season specifically due to the massive announcement of Operation Monarch. The two iconic monsters, Godzilla and Kong, are now stepping away from the big screen and onto the Pacific island of Warzone, Caldera.


Alogside the two iconic Titans, Activision has also announced three limited-time Godzilla and Kong-themed bundles that are coming to Warzone and Vanguard. Here are the details on what these three iconic bundles have to offer.

Three tracer packs coming to Warzone and Vanguard Season 3

The Season 3 Battle Pass for Vanguard and Warzone is all set to release on April 27. Alongside the Battle Pass and everything that comes with it, fans are also excited to see the Godzilla and Kong-themed limited-time bundles. This will come exclusively with Operation Monarch.

Although the release date of the bundles has not yet been released, fans can expect this to be available after the launch of Operation Monarch, which is set to commence on May 11.


The three tracer packs consist of operator skins, weapon skins, tracer rounds and more. For Operation Monarch, to fight these gigantic monsters, operators can become more than elite soldiers. With the help of the tracer pack, they can transcend humanity and become the ultimate superspecies. (These tracer packs do not give any in-game advantage to the players.)

Tracer Pack: Kong Limited Time Bundle

'Kong' Operator skin (Image via Activision)
'Kong' Operator skin (Image via Activision)

In this tracer pack, Kong Limited Time Bundle celebrates 90 years of the iconic Titan in history. Since its creation, this fictional giant gorilla has been a fan favorite. The Kong-themed bundle is coming to Warzone and Vanguard Season 3.

This tracer pack consists of nine items, including the Legendary operator skin "Kong." This skin is inspired by the ruler of the Skull Island himself.

With the Legendary skin, there are three Legendary weapon blueprints that come with the bundle. The SMG skin, "Skull Island Shaker," will fire green tracer rounds. The other two blueprints are the "Temple Kong" sniper rifle and "Kong’s Scepter," which is a melee weapon.

The rest of the Bundle includes a finishing move called "Gravity Inversion," Spray "Primal Power," weapon charm "Jia’s Doll," emblem "Kong Roar," and a Vanguard exclusive item named "Watch Your Back." All of these items are inspired by Kong and his abilities in Warner Bros and Legendary Entertainment’s MonsterVerse.

  • Kong- Legendary Operator Skin
  • Temple of Kong- Sniper Rifle weapon blueprint
  • Skull Island Shaker- SMG weapon blueprint
  • Kong’s Scepter- Melee weapon blueprint
  • Gravity Inversion- Finishing Move
  • Primal Power- Spray
  • Jia’s Doll- Weapon Charm
  • Kong Roar- Animated Emblem
  • Watch Your Back- Highlight Intro (Vanguard exclusive)

Tracer Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Bundle

"Godzilla Ghillie" and "Kong" operator skin (Image via Activision)
"Godzilla Ghillie" and "Kong" operator skin (Image via Activision)

The Godzilla-themed tracerpack, the Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Bundle, is one that fans are most excited about. It also consists of nine items.

The new Godzilla themed operator skin that comes with the bundle is “Godzilla Ghillie” for Shinegori. This skin is a reactive skin that will make the operator look like the Titan itself in Warzone and Vanguard.

Activision did not just stop with the operator skin with this bundle. The Ultra mastercraft weapon blueprint, “Breath of Godzilla,” will allow players to fire people with ice-blue ray tracers, similar to Godzilla’s signature heat ray attack. This skin will be an assault rifle skin.

The rest of the bundle contains a Legendary weapon blueprint “Awakened Alpha” LMG, “Gojira Stomp” finishing move, a “Godzilla Heat Ray” emblem, a calling card named “Protector of Earth,” two sprays and a Vanguard exclusive item “Big Mistake” highlight. All of these items are also based on the King of the Monsters itself.

  • Godzilla Ghillie- Legendary Operator skin
  • Breath of Godzilla- Assault Rifle Weapon blueprint
  • Awakened Alpha- Legendary LMG blueprint
  • Gojira Stomp- Finishing Move
  • Protector of Earth- Calling Card
  • Two Sprays
  • Godzilla Heat Ray- Animated Emblem
  • Big Mistake- MVP Highlight (Vanguard exclusive)

Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Bundle

“Mechagodzilla” operator skin (Image via Activision)
“Mechagodzilla” operator skin (Image via Activision)

Titans are not the only monsters coming to Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard this season. To fight the monsters, humanity created its own. The nemesis of Godzilla is also coming to the limited-time bundle.

The Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Bundle consists of the Legendary “Mechagodzilla” operator skin for Constanze and nine other items. The operator's skin is a miniature version of the Mechagodzilla with a red reactive aura.

The rest of the bundle includes two vanguard exclusive items “Machine Learning” MVP highlight and “Rival Protocol” intro highlight, an assault rifle blueprint named “Cybernetic Destroyer,” a Legendary SMG blueprint named “Neural Uplink,” Melee blueprint “Nanometal Tail Blade,” Watch skin “Network Uptime,” “Mechagodzilla Head” charm and “Evolving Together” Emblem.

All of these items are based on the Apex Predator, which was created to protect humanity from monsters.

  • Mechagodzilla- Legendary Operator skin
  • Machine Learning- MVP Highlight x2 (Vanguard exclusive)
  • Rival Protocol- Highlight Intro (Vanguard exclusive)
  • Cybernetic Destroyer- Assault Rifle weapon blueprint
  • Neural Uplink- Legendary SMG weapon blueprint
  • Nanometal Tail Blade- Melee weapon blueprint
  • Network Uptime- Watch
  • Mechagodzilla Head- Charm
  • Evolving Together- Emblem

Price of the limited time bundles and more

The price of the bundles has not been released yet, but fans can expect it to cost around 2,400 COD points, based on the recent crossover bundles with Snoop Dogg and Attack on Titan. For players who will purchase two of the themed bundles before June 16, Activision is offering them a special Godzilla vs. Kong Weapon Sticker and Player Title. Those who purchase all the bundles will obtain a Legendary Apex Phase SMG blueprint.

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