IRL streamer DSKoopa incredibly helps man catch burglar live on stream

DSKoopa did something terrific live on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
DSKoopa did something terrific live on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer Cody "DSKoopa" shared an incredible moment in his livestream after he assisted a man catch a thief in broad daylight.

In a relatively monotonous IRL broadcast in Seattle, Washington, the streamer was seen rolling around on roller skates before stopping in an alleyway when he heard a nearby alarm go off. At that moment, he caught a man in the act of theft.

This is not the first time the Pink Gorilla, LLC, co-owner, has captured a viral moment on his livestream. He was involved in a comical accident in his gaming store earlier this year after trying out a stunt jump.

DSKoopa catches thief red-handed in Seattle

The 32-year-old was seen making rounds of the streets of Seattle. After briefly halting at the building, Cody heard a sudden alarm from the adjacent alley.

The streamer inspected the noise before seeing a man rush out carrying a box and clothes. Cody even interacted with the unknown man for a brief moment when he asked:

"Was that you?"

(Timestamp: 8:05:38)

The question was met with a somber reply from the thief as he promptly walked away. Moments later, a man, possibly security personnel, walked out of the gate and asked Cody if he had seen the man. The online star responded by saying:

"Yeah, I saw him. He has a shirt that says University on the back or Seattle."

He directed the security person to where the man went, adding:

"Straight down the alley. Oh, there he is in the hat against the, no, there he is against the wood, behind the dumpster. There he is."

The burglar was eventually caught, and the items he stole were seen handed over to security.

Fans react to amazing moment in livestream

Thanks to DSKoopa's livestream, the burglar was caught instantly. Fans in the chat were wary of the thief from the get-go after he appeared highly suspicious.

The video was put up on the popular subreddit r/LivestreamFail, which garnered a few observations. Here are some comments shared:

The live stream chat was also popping off with reactions. Here is how they reacted:

Fans react to the entire drama (Image via Twitch/DSKoopa)
Fans react to the entire drama (Image via Twitch/DSKoopa)

Once the thief was caught, DSKoopa was thanked by the guard before bidding him farewell. Although the entire situation was dramatic, the streamer was visibly calm and nonchalant.

The IRL star has over 78K on Twitch and streams almost daily on his channel.

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