Is Ninja considering platform switch? Fortnite star no longer partnered on Twitch

Fans speculate a platform switch, after Ninja dramatically ends his recent livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fans are speculating a platform switch after Ninja dramatically ended his recent livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)

Tyler "Ninja" made headlines earlier today after tweeting that he "just needed a break" and was unsure when he would return to livestreaming. He also seemingly mentioned that he didn't know "where" he would be streaming.

A few moments later, esports personality Jake "JakeLucky" shared that Ninja was no longer partnered with Twitch, hinting that the Fortnite star could be planning on switching platforms again. The tweet stated:

Ninja has dramatic moment on stream, fans speculate him switching livestreaming platforms

During a Fortnite stream on the same day, Ninja teamed up with fellow content creator Ali "SypherPK." A moment from the broadcast went viral, as Tyler seemed to abruptly end the stream and stated the following:

"Can't do it anymore, dude. I can't! I'm f***ing sick of this, dude! I'm sick of these f***ing players, spamming Rift-To-Gos, every single; I don't know, man! No, I'm not even f***ing kidding, dude! I've had enough. I can't even, I am not going to. I'm leaving! I'm done."

He apologized to SypherPK for leaving the game, and once again mentioned that he was not sure "where" he would be going live next:

"In fact, honestly dude, I'm going to take a break from streaming, dude. I'm going to lose my f***ing mind, bro! I'm sorry dude, I know we were supposed to play all day, but I can't! I'm sorry, I'll talk to you later, Syph. I don't know when I'm going to be live, man. I don't know where I'm going live next. But, I got to, I got to get off, man!"

Streaming community members on different social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit were taken aback after witnessing Tyler's recent "antics."

Fans on Twitter shared additional snippets from the same livestream, during which the American stated that he would "absolutely" not be going to TwitchCon. He said:

"Am I going to TwitchCon? Absolutely not!"

NGR Apryze had the following to say:

One Twitter user speculated that the streamer would be signing up with Facebook Gaming for "nine figures" and commented:

Others mentioned that YouTube Gaming would be the only viable option for Ninja:

Fans stated that FaZe Swagg switched from Twitch to YouTube on the same night, so Tyler could probably follow suit:

Others asserted that Ninja will stay on Twitch since he doesn't have the "same influence" as he had before:

One Twitter user added that Michael "Shroud," too, would leave Twitch at one point:

Fans on Reddit expressed the following reaction:

This would not be the first time that Ninja has left Twitch to stream exclusively on another platform. In August 2019, Tyler shocked the streaming community by announcing that he was headed to Microsoft's livestreaming platform, Mixer.

The 29-year-old gamer returned to Twitch after Mixer was shut down in 2020. He has been streaming on the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform ever since.

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