"It's been a good run": Sykkuno officially announces shift from Twitch to YouTube

Sykkuno announced that he is moving to YouTube from Twitch (Image via Sykkuno/Twitter)
Sykkuno announced that he is moving to YouTube from Twitch (Image via Sykkuno/Twitter)
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Sykkuno has officially announced that he will be moving from Twitch to YouTube. The streamer recently held an emotional stream for his third anniversary on Twitch.

Many fans anticipated that this type of announcement would be coming soon. There were many questions surrounding the overall somber tone of his last stream, questioning why he and his fellow streamers were so emotional.

Today, these questions have been answered in an announcement on Twitter:

"It's been a good run..."
it's been a good run..

Sykkuno announces move to YouTube

The streamer recently had an emotional stream involving many of his friends playing Minecraft with him. The tone of the stream was very emotional, with Valkyrae admitting that she was crying during and after the stream.

He took time at the end to thank the fans who've been with him over his three years of streaming on Twitch. Many were puzzled by how emotional and somber the entire broadcast felt.

Rumors started flying around on social media, with many speculating that he was either moving out of the OfflineTV house or potentially putting a halt to his streaming career. He had stated last month was difficult for him.


Another rumor was that Syk was potentially moving to YouTube, as fellow OTV streamer and friend Valkyrae has and as Fuslie has been rumored to be doing. He has now confirmed in a video he posted on Twitter that this is exactly what he's doing.

In the video, he assured fans that the move to YouTube would not change what his content would look like.

He said:

"I'm gonna do what I've always done, just in a new place."

The video was a dramatized recap of his streaming career, which started back in his parents' shed, and all the games he's been known to play throughout his time on Twitch.

He talked about the people he's met since becoming a streamer:

"I've met some cool people and made some really good friends."

While moving platforms is undoubtedly a significant shift, hopefully, the transition will be smooth for Sykkuno and his viewers.

Fans react to Sykkuno's move to YouTube

Many of the streamer's fans and friends congratulated him on signing a contract with YouTube. This was certainly a big moment in his streaming career. Many reflected on his journey to get to this point.

@Sykkuno “yuno you have 24 hours” MY HEART 😭😭AND CONGRATS SYKKUNOOOOOOOO 🥳🥳🥳
@Sykkuno dw i'll take good care of your twitch prime subbers
@Sykkuno YOU READY TO GO?! Yayyyy congrats syk!!!!!

Fuslie also interestingly responded to the tweet, especially since it has been rumored she may be making a move to YouTube.

@Sykkuno YOU KNOW I WILL BE THEREEEE!!! LET'S GO SYKKUNOOOO 🥳❤ so proud of you ;__;

YouTube has poached several big streamers from Twitch over the past few months. They can now add Sykkuno to the list of big signings on the platform.

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