Justaminx, Bnans, and others react as Valkyrae shares snaps from her boxing training

Fans on Twitter go wild as Valkyrae posts her boxing training images on the social media platform (Images via Valkyrae/Twitter)
Fans on Twitter go wild as Valkyrae posts her boxing training images on the social media platform (Images via Valkyrae/Twitter)
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YouTube Gaming sensation Rachell "Valkyrae" began her professional boxing training and shared a few snaps on her main Twitter handle earlier today.

A couple of days back, the star streamer took to Twitter to ask her fans and peers about boxing as she was intrigued to learn what it felt like "to fight somebody." Following this, she provided her physical stats and asked her followers if anyone was interested in "beating her up."

Since the boxing match I’ve been curious what it’s like to fight somebody lol.. I’m 5’3.5” 105 pounds who wants to beat me up

On May 18, fans were surprised to see that the famous streamer had begun her boxing journey as she posted an amazing picture from her training session.

First time learning how to fight and box with a trainer😮‍💨🎉

Twitter goes into a frenzy after Valkyrae shares her boxing training picture

Hype around influencer boxing reached its peak earlier this week when the famous YouTuber iDubbz's Creator Clash aired its flagship match. Streamers and content creators like Rebecca "Justaminx", Michael Reeves, and Arin Hanson from The Game Grumps participated in the event.

Following the closure of the event, a number of livestreamers hopped on Twitter to provide their take on the epic boxing show. Many were impressed by the sport, and streamers like Ludwig, Matthew "Mizkif", and Thomas "Sykkuno" expressed their keenness to box other content creators.

Earlier today, the Los Angeles native shared a picture that took fans by surprise. The snap featured Rae adoring a boxing outfit and training in a boxing ring. As expected, her tweet went viral as it attracted more than 600 replies with 36k likes.

Several streaming personalities like JustaMinx, Bnanas, and Plushys reacted to the 100 Thieves co-owner's tweet.

@Valkyrae yaaasssss rae!!! 🥺 im glad you enjoyed it!!!
@Valkyrae you are SO COOL RAE
@Valkyrae dangit rae why did u go out to exercise and do cool things i need u in valo

Twitch streamer NiceWigg asked Rae if the boxing experience was scary.

@Valkyrae Was it scary??? I wanna start but so intimidated

Valkyrae replied by mentioning that it was an amazing experience thanks to her trainer and she's loving every bit of it.

@NiceWigg It was honestly such a great experience already and I think it’s thanks to my trainer being incredible! I loved it so much I’m locked in for a few months LOL. So fun and feels so rewarding

Valorant gamer and NRG team member Flexinja made a bold prediction stating that Rae will become a household name for the boxing space in the coming years.

@Valkyrae calling it right now… Valkyrae is gonna become a household boxing name within 3 years from now.

Many fans were awestruck by the GTA 5 RP gamer's tweet. Fans cheered the streamer by calling her the greatest boxer of all time.

@Valkyrae Greatest boxer of all time
@Valkyrae rae boxing champion progress, this is sick:D

A Twitter user provided a list of suggestions for the streamer that could help her improve her boxing.

@Valkyrae The best way to exercise imo.-Great for cardio-Build on fast twitch muscles-Increase hand eye coordination & footwork.-helps relieve stress-build confidence-and most importantly learn how to defend yourself.Have fun with it 👊🏼

Some fans hilariously volunteered themselves as a punching bag for the Queen of YouTube Gaming.

@Valkyrae if y'all need an extra punching bag, i'll be right here 🧍‍♀️
@Valkyrae god DAYUM. if u need a punching bag ..

A fan expressed their concern for the streamer because of her medical history involving concussions.

@starsmitten_ @Valkyrae Ngl totally valid concern. Especially since Rae has a history of bad concussions in past :]
@BhavitaWasTaken That is one of my concerns too. Boxing involves lots of upper body attacks and lots of cardio. But yeah, it is still a very dangerous sport to be a part of. I know this is not a good thing to say, but some have lost their lives due to boxing. The sport is just unforgiving.

Valkyrae is one of the biggest content creators and streamers on YouTube Gaming and is known for playing a wide variety of games. She started her livestreaming career on Instagram and later moved to stream on Twitch.

In 2020, she became one of the biggest Twitch stars to sign an exclusive streaming contract on YouTube Gaming and has been streaming on the red platform ever since.

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